Thanks to a discussion about elderly care online, forum users on Eat Drink Man Woman have been saying that it may be better to jump off a building and die instead of getting sick and becoming a burden to family.

Aside from that, other Singaporeans have also said that since a lot of them do not have family and are single, they would have no choice but to go into elderly care facilities. The cost, though, may be too much for them.

How much does it cost to care for a sick elderly person?

According to various sources online, prices of certain facilities in Singapore range from $2000 to $4600. While every citizen is entitled to a monthly stipend  or fund from the government, this can only subtract from the cost of the care and housing–it’s usually never enough to pay for everything.

Here are the guidelines for getting subsidies on elderly care.

The users on the forums said that they pay as much as $4400 for one person in their family’s elderly care facilities and upkeep. This would also go up in the following months, as facilities continue to raise prices due to various reasons.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also have your elderly care done in your own home, and hire overseas domestic workers. The price is much lower, even if you hire two people, but you won’t be getting round-the-clock medical care or professional methods. You’d have to go to doctor’s appointments or pay for a doctor to see your loved one in your own home, which will add to fees.

The JB solution

Some smart Singaporeans have also seen ways to circumvent some of the higher costs or professional round-the-clock elderly care.

One care centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, charges $800 a month for long-term stay in their facility. Some netizens, though, say that quality of the care may not be the same as in a Singaporean facility.

What do other netizens think?

With the high cost of caring for the elderly, some chimed in on what they thought about the current situation, and what it bodes for their future.

Some said it is simply unaffordable to be sick in Singapore.

They continued to say that the price is increasing every year.

Others completely agree with the sentiments of the person who wants to jump off the building if they get sick. They would also rather die immediately than put their family through a long, expensive sickness.

Others explained that hiring workers from other countries may be the only solution left for people who cannot afford elderly care facilities.

One person offered their experience in the matter.

What are your solutions?

Do you have family who requires constant medical care or even living assistance? What are your experiences? What are the benefits you have availed from the government and how did you go about applying for them?

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