In a report by The Straits Times, a Filipina domestic helper named Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita, 28 years old, was found guilty of stealing up to $8002 from her employer, 69-year-old businessman in Singapore.

She was recently sentenced to sixteen weeks in Changi Prison, after being convicted of two counts of theft. According to the report, a physical examination of Bajo revealed that she had stashed $5002 in cash in her genitals, with the money tightly packed into her vagina.

What was Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita’s crime?

The same report revealed that she worked as a domestic helper for  Lee See Boon, a businessman, in Serangoon. She was responsible for household cleaning and cooking. The first count of theft happened on February 22, while Bajo was doing her work.

She went up to her employer’s bedroom and searched for valuables to steal. According to the report, she found a key and the combination sequence to the house safe written on a piece of paper. She then proceeded to open the safe and stole $3,000.

The thief then remitted $1,500 at Lucky Plaza two days later. The remaining money was remitted on March 3.

The second count of theft happened on March 6, where she stole $5,002 from the same vault. This time, though, her employer noticed that the money was missing, and had her arrested. She was charged on March 8 then sent to Changi Women’s Prison.

During a routine physical examination, the prison guards noticed that she had something inside an orifice through a body scan. When they investigated, they found a small plastic bag with the missing money shoved up inside her vagina.

Who is Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita?

An online search yields an employment profile of a 28-year-old woman named Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita on the Maidcity website. According to the profile, she knows how to speak English and Filipino and knows how to cook both Chinese and Western dishes.

The profile says that she is married and is a nursing undergraduate. The page also says that she is good with infants and the elderly. She mentioned that her hobbies include taking walks and watching movies.

What do netizens say?

This commenter wanted to know in what denominations the money in the small plastic bag was found. While inmates or criminals hiding objects in orifices isn’t new, it’s hardly a common practice that people are still shocked. The commenter also mistakenly mentioned that men lose out in sneaking things in, but the person could not be more wrong.

Some said that the sentence of four months in jail may be worth the money she stole. If she had gotten away with keeping the $5,000 inside vagina, then it would have been worth it in the long run. The fact that she tried to conceal the money meant that she hoped to finish her sentence and get away with it.

Some commenters pointed out that this development should not be surprising since babies do naturally pass through the vagina.

Others had a morbid fascination, and thought about whether the thief had her period while the money was stuffed inside her vagina.

This commenter mentioned that some domestic workers choose to accuse the employer of rape and get leniency.

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