[Survey] Singaporeans love salted eggs! - Alvinology

[Survey] Singaporeans love salted eggs!

The overdue topic of salted eggs online has caught the attention of Unilever Food Solutions that made them conduct a survey through the Salted Egg Shiok! microsite.

The Salted Egg Shiok! is designed to gather information about the growing topics and opinions of the salted egg products in Singapore. The survey will base the result on these three main categories: the volume of online conversations, the most popular dishes, and dinner preferences.

The microsite portal was created last June 2017. It is noticeable that the demand for this product has a rapid growth since last year, and more F&B outlets and snacks manufacturers decided to include the said product in their menu.

Salted Egg Shiok! Survey Result

[Survey] Singaporeans love salted eggs! - Alvinology

The survey team tracked a five-fold increase in online conversations on a yearly basis in order to measure the volume of online conversations. The topic is now considered one of the top five most talked about Singapore cuisine in 2017.

Finally, after the deliberate survey, the team announced the top three dishes that best represent Singapore: Salted egg chicken wings, salted egg crabs, and salted egg fish skin.

These are the majority choice of Singaporeans when voting through the portal. It was also found out that most Singaporeans prefer to infuse salted eggs to other dishes. The survey showed that 55% of the diners prefer fusion salted egg dishes than traditional salted egg dishes.

There is also a noticeable difference between the preference of pairing a salted egg with savoury dishes and sweet dishes. 78% of respondents indicated that they prefer salted egg in savoury dishes while only 22% communicated a preference for sweet dishes with salted egg.

Win with Salted Egg Shiok!

Salted Egg Shiok! portal offers over S$8,000 in prizes for diners who post a photo of a salted egg dish on Instagram.

Simply purchase any salted egg menu item from the outlets listed on the map on the portal, upload the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #saltedeggshiok, and stand to win a luxury staycation or vouchers each month.


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