Thinking of taking up a gym membership to lose weight or get toned? Your wallet may urge you to think again. According to Reddit user FraternityToilet, Singapore monthly gym fees may be significantly overpriced as compared to many of our First World neighbours. Reportedly, the average cost of a month at one of Singapore’s popular gyms is priced at USD$105.89, as compared to USD$38.40 in Denmark and USD$47.49 in Australia.

Locally, private gyms such as Fitness First and Virgin Active can charge prices of between SGD$150 to SGD$300, as compared to government-based ActiveSG gyms which charge individual rates less than SGD$5.

Why is this so?

Netizens on forums like HardwareZone have suggested that such a spike in gym membership prices locally may be due to intangible benefits like social prestige and satisfaction.

In an age where being toned and lean is seen as favourable, there has been an increased interest on the part of locals to get fit under the tutelage of private trainers or by joining popularized gym classes.

There is also the consideration of more sophisticated facilities and classes as well as the side benefits of private gym memberships. Gyms like Fitness First boast of outstanding facilities like a swimming pool as well as convenient locations such as in Paragon and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

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Of course, such accessible locations in the heart of town contribute to the high prices as gyms have to cover their land rental costs. The pricey membership at private gyms also commonly encompasses exclusive access to group classes in yoga, cycling or aerobics.

That’s not all! Members also often enjoy access to gym pantries which are stocked with isotonic drinks and healthy snacks.

Deviating away from the traditional treadmill machines and weights, more and more enterprising gyms are also offering unique experiences that guarantee lots of fun and enjoyment – at a price, of course. This ranges from gyms like BOUNCE Singapore which offers Bounce Fit aerobic and jumping classes (on trampolines!) to Anthem which offers high intensity rhythmic indoor cycling workouts. Demand for such innovative classes are on the rise as many seek more creative ways to get fit.

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What do Singaporeans think about this?

As HardwareZone forum user curahee commented, “price is not an issue”.

In Singapore, where the median monthly salary stands at $3500 (excluding CPF contributions), it is not difficult for the average Singaporean to afford such a private gym membership. In fact, many may consider it a good investment and a fair price to pay in exchange for an avenue to destress and stay healthy.


If you are thinking of signing up for a gym membership but find such a price too exorbitant, why not try out one of the options below?

  • MyActiveGYM: Sign up for a free ActiveSG account and enjoy discounted rates at all 16 gyms across our little red dot! There are monthly, bi-annual and annual packages available for adults and students where the most expensive would be the peak-period adult 12-month package worth SGD$300
  • Condominium Gyms: Most condominiums in Singapore offer a gym as part of the estate’s facilities. If you live in a condominium or know a friend who does, why not make use of such an avenue to work out (after all, the maintenance charge has already been paid!)
  • School Gyms: Many higher education institutions in Singapore offer decently-sized and well-maintained gyms. More often than not, students enjoy unlimited access while the public or alumni can pay a small price to enjoy this facility. For example, Anglo-Chinese Junior College’s Supergym offers a spacious and well-stocked gym which is open to all alumni at a reasonable price

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Would you go for one of Singapore’s highly sought-after private gyms or head for a more pocket-friendly option? Let us know in the comments below!

Header image from Reddit user FraternityToilet