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5 Best Ways to Use the Joey Pocket

Keepers introduce a new keeper of your mobile essential, and it’s gotten better. Inspired by the baby kangaroo, the Joey Pocket will secure your mobile phone and mobile essentials.

Joey Pocket can stick in any flat surface and keeps your valuables close and accessible even when working, commuting, or while relaxing in bed. Here are 5 of the best ways to fully utilize the Joey Pocket.

Behind the Laptop or Tablet

While working, you can simply stick the Joey pocket at the back of the lid and let it secure your mobile essentials. This will keep your regularly used items such as the USB charger or earphones within reach.

Beside the Computer Table

We often ignore our phone and miss important reminders when we’re in front of the computer. By sticking the pocket beside your computer and within eyes view, you will immediately notice if there are notifications.

The Fridge

If you’re busy working in the kitchen and regularly uses your phone, chances are it can accidentally slip from your hands and drown. Simply stick the pocket in the fridge to keep it from harm’s away. This way you can still see the notifications, or even play music while cooking.

Bedside Table

It is proven that sleeping with your phone close to your head is dangerous. While placing it on top of the bedside table does not allow us to see notifications, or even hear the alarm. Joey pocket will help solve this problem since it can stick on the side of the table.

At the Back of your Mobile Phone [Joey Pocket Junior]

The pocket also has a mini version, and it does not sacrifice functionality. The miniature version perfectly fits the back of any mobile phone. There you can slip your credit card, some bills, or your ID.

5 Best Ways to Use the Joey Pocket - Alvinology

The Joey Pocket is retailed at S$17. The good news is you can have both with their special Joey pocket set that includes the normal size and miniature version for only S$25. You may purchase these awesome pockets at Keepers Studio and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

There are many ways to use the Joey Pocket. Have fun experimenting!

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