New Gaming Monitors by LG features Precise Gameplay Advantages - Alvinology

New Gaming Monitors by LG features Precise Gameplay Advantages

LG Electronics will be launching two new gaming monitors for this year’s IT Show that video gamers will definitely love.

Smooth and optimized gameplay experience, quality graphics, and better colours are just a few features the new 32GK850G and 27GK750F monitors have to offer. These new screens promise to provide a competitive and winning edge for players.

LG 32GK850G

New Gaming Monitors by LG features Precise Gameplay Advantages - Alvinology

The newest LG 32GK850G is the ideal display when playing video games perfect for gamers who want a seamless and quick motion display on a large screen in high-quality resolution.

It is supported by NVIDIA G- Sync graphics processor that completely eliminates screen tearing, stuttering, and other screen synching issues. It also has an impressive 144Hz refresh rate with the option to increase to 165Hz. Players will enjoy playing at a QHD 2560×1440 screen resolution at a maximum 350-nits of brightness without having to worry about after images.

LG 32GK850G also has an improved immersion and ambience to further enhance the gaming experience. This time, LG included a built-in sphere lighting that uses LEDs behind the monitor to display a soft ambient light effect. Built user-friendly, gamers have an option to choose between 6 different colour settings to match their ideal gaming atmosphere. The new monitor is also designed with 3-side borderless design making it ideal for a multi-monitor setup.

LG 27GK750F

New Gaming Monitors by LG features Precise Gameplay Advantages - Alvinology

The LG 27GK750F surpasses the already impressive refresh rate of 32GK850G and delivers the highest refresh rate and response time. Lag and a jittery screen is no longer an issue because this superb monitor has 240Hz refresh rate.

LG also built the 27GK750F with AMD FreeSync technology to reduce frame loss even at the highest graphics and display settings. It also features the 1ms Motion Blur Reduction for smooth gaming without having to encounter double frames.

Shared Features of 32GK850G and 27GK750F

Both monitors are equipped with Black Stabilizer technology that provides clearer contrast and better visibility on dark game environments. They also have Dynamic Action Sync to minimize lag and enable the player to react in real-time while playing.

Under the display, players can find the Gaming GUI where they can switch between preset modes that will suit every type of game genres including First-Person Shooter Mode, Real-Time Strategy Mode, and Reader Mode. The new monitors are also ergonomically designed to better serve the gamers installed with a One-Click Stand. This means it has easy-access height and swivels and pivot angle adjustments.

The new gaming monitors will retail at S$1,399 for 32GK850G and S$899 27GK750F. Visit LG’s official website for more information.

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