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Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation Exceptionally Memorable

Looking for a getaway to forget all your troubles and just relax? A beach vacation to belmond cap juluca, or somewhere similarly luxurious, is exactly what you need. But what’s worse than not being able to take a vacation at the beach is having a less-than-stellar time while there. Instead of relaxing, you are worrying because you seem to have forgotten your camera or the sand has ruined your favorite pair of footwear. Well, not to worry because we have you covered with 10 travel tips that will make your beach vacation more than memorable. So, get your sunblock and flip-flops ready because we are about to hit the beach!

Get Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance is probably the last thing on your mind when you are planning a vacation to the beach. It, however, is one of the first things that you should think about. It minimizes the stress of traveling since you know that if there is any unforeseen medical emergency, then you are financially protected. If you have a rough idea of when and where you will be traveling, then you can purchase travel insurance that will provide coverage for all your travel needs. For instance, if you want to indulge in adventure water sports at the beach, then you should purchase travel insurance that provides coverage for these sports.

Carry a Medical Kit

Having travel insurance that provides medical assistance is all well and good. But it will not cover minor cuts and bruises or other such injuries. Make sure you carry a medical kit with you which has anti-bacterial wipes, bandages, and any other prescription-only medication that may not be locally or easily available.

Have a Travel Budget

Transport and stay are two of the biggest expenses you will incur while on vacation. If you have a budget that accommodates your flight and hotel stay plans for your beach escape, then you are all set for your holiday. But if you are on a budget, then don’t worry. There are a number of beaches close to Singapore where you can holiday without breaking the bank. For instance, you could visit Telunas Island which is only 50 kilometers south of Singapore. The island can be reached by ferry and its serene waters and rustic charm will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Learn How to Identify and Get Out of Rip Currents

Rip currents are powerful channels of water that flow away from the shore all of a sudden. Identifying these currents, especially if you are not a good swimmer is imperative so that you can get back to shore safely. Look for warning signs such as gaps between waves and discolored water near the shore. If in the unfortunate circumstance, you do get caught in a rip current, then knowing how to get out of one while you wait to be rescued could help save you.

Pack Light and Smart

A big no-no when you are heading to the beach is to over pack. Only pack essentials like beach towels, sunglasses, light cotton clothes,  mens swim trunk short and flip-flops or cross since you don’t want sand getting into your best shoes. Also, make sure that you pack enough sunscreen and carry a waterproof bag that not only dries easily but also one from which sand can be removed without any hassles. Bags made of mesh, for example, are perfect for beach use.

Find Out What Amenities Your Beach Resort or Hotel Provides

Most beach resorts will provide you with sun loungers and beach towels. However, some of them may charge high prices for these facilities. You can always check the hotel’s website or call them up to find out how much these facilities will cost you. If it doesn’t fit your budget, then you can always carry your own beach towel and a comfortable mat that can be used in place of a sun lounger.

Invest in a Prescription Snorkel Mask

If your beach vacation includes exploring coral reefs and you wear corrective lenses, then you should think about investing in a prescription snorkel mask. These masks will help you correct your vision while underwater so that you can enjoy the wonderful sights the ocean has to offer. Another advantage of getting your own mask instead of renting one is to prevent the spread of communicable diseases like conjunctivitis.

Carry Waterproof Gear for Your Electronics

Your phone and camera are indispensable while on vacation. You would naturally want to capture every moment. Make sure that you have a waterproof camera bag or waterproof pouches to carry your electronics. This will protect them from getting damaged and putting a damper on your vacation. Also, remember to carry with your phone charger as well as an extra memory card for your camera so that you never miss a moment.

Cool Down Your Sunscreen

A trip to the beach without sunscreen is mostly unheard of. A good practice is to chill your sunscreen by keeping it in a cooler. This way when you apply or reapply the sunscreen, it will help cool down your skin. The effect that the sunscreen has on your skin won’t change, but you will feel more refreshed.

Explore Tidal Pools

A tidal pool is usually created just after a low tide. They are, more often than not, teeming with starfish, snails, and other molluscs. Be sure to take a look at the tide schedule so you don’t miss out on exploring these wonderful marvels of nature.

Now that you have taken note of these tips, enjoy your vacation at the beach and make as many memories as you can. Having an exceptionally memorable vacation at the beach free from stress and worry is probably the best souvenir you can take away from your trip.

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