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5 other ways Chew Eng Han could have escaped with more success

No, this isn’t the Singaporean version of long-running US show “Cops,” but it could very well be one of the dumbest and most desperate moves by a Singaporean detainee this year. To be sure, Chew Eng Han is the first.

In a report by Today, former City Harvest Church leader Chew Eng Han tried to flee Singapore by boat.

Yes, you read that right. A day before he was supposed to serve his three year and four month sentence, he was arrested by authorities on a sampan by the Police Coast Guard. Investigations said that Han and a companion were trying to flee Pulau Ubin to Malaysia.

But couldn’t he have done something else?

While we can understand his distress and trepidation with going to jail, his Prison Break plan left a lot to desire. When caught, reports said that the two claimed they were merely “fishing.”

5 other ways Chew Eng Han could have escaped with more success - Alvinology

Fishing for freedom?

Here are some other ways he could have escaped his jail sentence. Success not guaranteed:

Hide inside a suitcase.

But as we have seen in cartoon shows and movies, he’s have to find someone strong enough to lift him without making it look like they had a person in the suitcase.

Swim across the sea to Indonesia.

This method is completely dependent on Han’s physical condition.

Fly away on a private plane.

But if all his assets may have been frozen and the money from the church confiscated, he may not have any money for that anymore.

Mail himself via DHL or FedEx.

If he mails himself in a box big and sturdy enough with oxygen tanks, food, water, a toilet, and a will of iron then this could be the most plausible way to escape.

Say something awful about the government, fear for his life, go to the US, and claim asylum.

One Singaporean, Amos Yee, has proven that this method works as he is still alive and kicking, making his videos in the US.

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