This is a bonanza you’d want to be a part of! This nostalgic wine restaurant is located along the shop fronts of the Village Hotel at Albert Court. It is the perfect wine restaurant for your wine-down-Friday-night, after work getaway or just tourists visiting one of Singapore’s places of interests – Little India.


The VIP Dining Area

One of their main attractions is their underground VIP dining area which has a modern nostalgic European style and seats up to 10 guests or 20 guests with some standing. It has a wine cellar besides it and a dedicated door for any celebrity coming in from the rear carpark. This VIP dining area is the perfect setting for parties, events or meetings and it comes equipped with projectors.


The Three-Hour Lobster Bisque

Moving on to wetting our appetite. Their three-hour lobster bisque was definitely a winner and is a good start to get your taste buds wagging. The soup made full use of the lobsters including its shells to give it such an impeccable taste. Hence, the three-hours because it takes that long to prepare the soup. It was served with lobster meat to complement its taste.

A really good soup to start off with.


 Octopus Carpaccio (Left) & Truffle Fries (right)

Next up was the Octopus Carpaccio, which was surprisingly fresh. Complimented by the sauerkraut and the cherry tomatoes, it is drizzled with balsamic vinegar which gave a refreshing twist on the entire dish. The Truffle Fries was not too soggy or too hard; in fact, it has a nice crispiness to it. Drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan slices, it was simple yet full of flavour.


The Irish Gallagher Premium Oysters

The Irish Gallagher Premium Oysters was served with Hendrick’s Gin. The flavour pairings were a match made in heaven. The cucumber relish toppings gave both the oysters as well as the gin a tangy flavour – something different from the usual lemon wedge served on the side or the classic Mignonette.


The Gambas

This is a Spanish dish served with sweet shrimps in garlicky oil – just about the ideal tapas bar snack when you’ve reached the bottom of the plate. It is best soaked up with slices of toast baguettes. It is one of the most popular tapas in all of Spain and is quick, easy and delightful.


Aged Italian Bean Puree Beignet with Truffle Mayo

What’s special about this dish was that it smells like meat, but in actual fact it isn’t. It is made out of beans. It has a unique sweet and sour combination and you can barely taste the beans. The crispy exterior and the truffle mayo on top truly made it a fun dish to experience. It could prove to be a staunch favourite amongst the vegetarians.


Truffle-Mushroom Cream Pasta

The most favourable dish of the evening. The linguine was soft and tender, while the mushrooms added character. More importantly, the truffle cream base was well-balanced throughout the entire dish. It was just too good to be true. The simplicity, the texture, and the flavors will put you in a food coma.


Grilled Lamb Chops

For all the lamb lovers out there, this is right up your alley! Served on top of grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes, the strong taste of the lamb is balanced out by the mint lime sauce on the sides for those who are not too adventurous. The meat was tender enough for you to do away with cutleries, as it falls off the bone.


Beef Stew

Also called Beef Burgundy, this is a French Traditional Recipe that has been adapted over the years in many different cultures. The stew has a distinctive taste of wine. The beef was impressively tender and the pearl onions gave it a natural sweetness. It was definitely worth having a second, or maybe a tenth plate.


Bread and Butter Pudding

Last but definitely not the least, the bread and butter pudding features a scoop of vanilla on top to commemorate the end of the scrumptious journey. The bread and butter consisted of some raisins to give it a natural sweetness in a warm creamy pudding. Makes you feel like a kid again and everything in the world is right again.