Last week, Cold Storage Singapore launched a massive sale across the island. The team at cannot stand to let great deals pass us by, so we clocked out early and went down to nearby Bugis Junction outlet to check out the Cold Storage deals.

Read about the other deals from other branches here.

Guess what? The deals are REAL and even though it has already been a week, stocks are still available for many of the items.

From the photos below, you’ll understand why we went a little crazy in the store. Good thing no one kicked us out.

Is that the end? Is that all of it? Hardly. The sale is on all over the island so you’ll be sure to find more deals in other branches.

While we were there, the queues weren’t so bad and there were still a lot of stocks.

What did you get from the sale and which branch did you go to? Share the best deals with us in the comments!