Our classic favourite Domino’s pizza just got cheesier!

If you think the crust is the most boring part, think again! Domino’s Cheddarella Cheesy Crust will tempt you to make the crust your first bite. Domino’s new cheesy crust is a mix of savoury cheddar with mouth-melting mozzarella that offers unimaginable heavenly cheese flavour bursting altogether in your mouth.

Say ‘Cheese’ at Domino’s Pizza

A perfect match made in heaven! This latest cheese mania is made with love and passion that will surely melt the heart of all cheese lovers.

Freshly made for each order, the Cheddarella Cheesy Crust is filled with a delightful blend of cheddar and mozzarella, and topped with parmesan to offer soft, golden, overflowing cheese bursting at every nibble.

Starting 30 November 2017, cheese lovers can upgrade any Domino’s Pizza to Cheddarella Cheesy Crust by topping up only S$6 for a regular size pizza, and only S$8 for a large pizza.

Crave for more cheesy delights

A pizza party is not complete without a finger-licking side dish. Domino’s offers a bunch of four side dishes that will complement your every meal.

Domino’s Pizza introduces more cheesy goodness with their new Cheesy Foursome Box – a box stuffed with a variety of sides to satisfy anyone’s cravings!

Each box contains Garlic Cheese Onion Rings (golden-brown battered onion sprinkled with garlic and cheese seasoning), Cheesy Cheddar Stix (Cheesy sticks loaded with cheddar and sprinkled with parmesan cheese), Tom Yam flavoured Crazy Chicken Crunchies (tender chicken breast cuts served with a tangy cheese dip) and Stuffed Cheddar Bites (tasty bites of chicken ham and cheddar cheese).

Cheesy Foursome box is also available from 30 November 2017.

These two new cheesy menus bolster Domino’s Pizza’s commitment to creating new and exciting flavours inspired by customers’ demands. Cheesy Foursome and Cheddarella Cheesy Crust will be available via delivery and in all stores islandwide.

Stay tuned to the Domino’s Pizza SG Facebook page and to follow the oh-so-cheesy love story between Ched(dar) and Mozza(rella)! You can also get updates on weekly surprises!