A few years ago, I came across DBS Paylah when my friend remembered he had to return a sum of money to me – using this exact app. Since I am an existing DBS and POSB account holder, I had no qualms installing the app. In just a few simple steps, I got my money back (yes!). Back then, I did not see a lot of products and services adopting such cashless payment, so I kept the money in my virtual wallet for rainy days.

Recently, I finally saw the need to use it. I logged back in again. I noticed that the DBS Paylah has a fresh new interface after a software update on my mobile phone. Rather than to fumble with the virtual keyboard to type my username and password, I can quickly activate the app using my fingerprint on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Of course, that is not the only new update, lah. The DBS Paylah app now consists four primary functions to facilitate usage: Pay, Receive, Request Scan QR and My QR.

One of my least favourite functions here, the Pay function allows me to transfer money to anyone (maximum of 5 persons at one go), regardless of whether they are DBS/POSB account holders or not. You can also send eAngBao with this app, so surely this would come in handy during Chinese New Year in a few months’ time.

You can also pay your telco bills, town council conservancy and utilities. Reminds you of what you usually do at AXS or SAM machines? Let’s not forget you can also top up prepaid cards, or even make donations if you are feeling charitable.

Those who are too shy to chase friends for money, DBS Paylah is made for you (provided the sender has this app on their phone too). It helps monitor if the sum has been returned, and also send reminders if your ‘debtors’ have not done so.

I also find it useful when splitting a meal with big groups of friends or colleagues. No one will feel obligated to round up or down the amount as it will be divided evenly according to the number of pax you set. Easy peasy!

This feature is definitely a great deal more favourable.

Scan QR
QR scanning has been a hot trend; we can now shop, dine or ride by scanning the available QR code from participating merchants. This is quite similar to WeChat’s QR payment, if you are familiar with it.

I am blessed that my workplace is located near Tiong Bahru Market, where I noticed an increasing number of hawkers adopting the DBS Paylah QR payment. Sometimes, I don’t even have to bring my wallet. Just activate the Scan QR menu, scan the QR code, enter the amount and confirm payment. Payment can’t be any more breezy, and I no longer have to pocket greasy notes or towers of coins!

Another discovery: when I was taking Comfort and City taxis, the QR code is displayed on the payment terminals. I could use DBS Paylah for all my rides. All I have to do is to use my mobile phone to scan and settle the fare.

Don’t worry, what you see below is not a scam. You can now create your very own QR code so people can send you money by scanning the QR code. The funds will add to your DBS Paylah virtual wallet. I can’t think of any other use for this function other than to donate to the charity of Xavier!