Over the past couple of months, to get to know our partners better, AM Collective and Alvinology hosted some of our partners and clients over nice wine, awesome cheese and great food at Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar is located on the first floor of Hotel G at 200 Middle Road. The restaurant offers imported cold cuts and cheese, premium wines and daily specials cooked with quality ingredients. We served their signature cold cuts and cheese platter to our guests and everyone loved it!

The venue is a cosy communal space that is perfect for mingling and catching up with people that matters, be it for work or for personal social circle. We love that Ginett has settings suitable for networking in big groups which is quite a rare space to have in a restaurant.

We hung out on level one at the big central table. As a large party, we were initially concerned that we had to tone down our voices as the noise level will be too much for the other diners. But as the night wore on, the music jiving in the background, the noise was a part of the partying atmosphere that we felt comfortable in. In fact, we were having so much fun, that I am sure the other diners were hoping to join our party.

We cannot go without mentioning the scrumptious platters of buffet placed in front of us. The guests (and us too), ooh and ahh each time a tray arrived. We ate, and drank and talked and by the end of the evening, we had become fast friends with deals and collaborations seeded in each other’s minds.

With bottomless wine, beer and bubbles, and the great tasting grills from the kitchen and mouth watering desserts, our guests had a blast getting to know one another.

Thank you Ginett for hosting us and we look forward to more happy times with Hotel G!

Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar
200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980
Reservation: +65 6809 7989