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Who is Yan Han? Alvinology takes a look at the man who helped take down rogue Maserati driver

In a dramatic turn of events, the man who injured and dragged a traffic police officer with a Maserati, Lee Cheng Yan, has been apprehended and will face the courts on November 24, Friday.

Thanks to the efforts of a two people riding a motorcycle, police were able to collect evidence and follow the Maserati driver and finally arrest him. We take a look at Yan Han, the man riding pillion to the motorcycle that gave chase.

He was the one who uploaded the video that has since gone viral–showing the Maserati vying for a quick escape from the horrid turn of events that he was responsible for. Take a look at the video here:


His post said,

The driver was refusing to co-operate with the TP, hit and run.

As an ex civil defence officer, upon seeing the situation, my natural reaction is to provide assistant.

At the point of time, I was pillioned by my colleague on a 2B bike, I told the rider to follow up and I contacted police immediately and told them I’m following the car. They asked me to stay safe and stay on the phone to update them the driver’s current location.

The video only showed 5% of the story but it was a 15 minutes follow up.

From Bedok to Eunos, Still Road to Joo Chiat to Crane Road, (Haig Road to Geylang Road)(on video), Lor 23, Sims, Aljunied to Upper Aljunied, Upper Serangoon and lastly Wan Tho.

Lost sight of the car at Wan Tho Ave cross junction, but fortunately saw a TP rider whom caught up with us and we waved to him the direction of where the car is heading to.

Police found his car at Cedar Ave next to Wan Tho Ave, but driver was gone.

Suspect caught at Geylang Bahru HDB 5hrs later, about 1km away from where he left his car.

I do not recommend anyone without experience to attempt this follow up.

The consequences are real and hard, and your license might be revoked.

But to any off-duty police officer or Civil Defence officer, or you are well-trained to handle crisis, DO NOT hesitate.


So who is the man who gave chase?

According to his Facebook profile, Yan Han looks to be a motorcycle enthusiast and manages a motor parts store with his girlfriend, Candy Foo.

From his post and profile, it can be seen that he is a Former Section Commander at Singapore Civil Defence Force, which gave him the courage and knowledge on what to do to pursue the Maserati driver.

He is also quite good with driving his motorcycle, as you can see below.

Thank you, Yan, for providing assistance and helping the police chase down the suspect!

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