A woman named Fiona Lim posted a few photos on Facebook showing how she sustained injuries to her eye and arm. The photos showed her eye swollen shut and her arm sporting a nasty bruise.

What made her post even more incendiary? She outrightly accused her husband of being the perpetrator of the abuse. She further threatens him that she would leave him if he hurts her. Take a look at the post, (which she has since taken down and at the same time changed her profile to private):

Who is the husband?

Fiona Lim tagged her husband, Lau Wei Yen, in the post. From his public profile, it doesn’t seem like he cares–or he’s careful about what he posts on social media.

Most of his posts are about fishing and missing parrots. No acknowledgement of the post at all–but then again, she had taken it down.

Not the only saga this woman is involved in

Aside from the post about her husband, Fiona also has an issue with another Facebook user about the sale of a wallet.

In the Facebook post, you can see that another Singaporean, Belinda Ng, has reported Fiona to the police for defamation.

According to Belinda’s post, Fiona bought a second hand wallet from her and they met up for the transaction. After Fiona allegedly checked the item, the transaction pushed through.

After the transaction, though, Fiona said she found a tear in the item. Belinda offered a $100 refund so she could repair the wallet. At first, Fiona was not open to the refund and expressed her dismay with the product and transaction. This had created a negative atmosphere between the two of them, as the former shamed Belinda on social media.

Eventually, Fiona agreed to the offer of a refund.

But Belinda then decided to deny the refund because Fiona had checked the item before taking it. This has lead to a social media war between the two women and the filing of a police case on the part of Belinda.

According to Belinda, Fiona has posted photos of her, photos of her friends and even published her mobile phone number, resulting in huge amounts of SPAM and threats.

What do Singaporeans have to say about the public accusation?

The issue of the wallet aside, here’s what netizens have to say about Fiona and accusations against her husband:

Some wanted to know why she was beaten up:

They also assumed that there would be a continuation of the sage. It’s important to note that she took the post down.

Other Singaporeans say that this is a temporary problem, and they could be right because she took down the post.

Some forum users said that their relationship is fierce and intense.

What do you think of the Fiona’s post and her current travails? We hope she gets well soon and seeks help for her abuse.