Remember, remember, the month of November, for honestbee has in store unbelievable F&B deals that will make you ‘add to cart’ like you mean it! From now until 30 November 2017, hungry folks would be glad to know that food delivery service honestbee has collaborated with over 40 popular dining merchants across more than 100 outlets island-wide to offer up to 50% discount off their respective signature dishes –We’re talking surefire favourites like irresistibly glazed donburi bowls, crispy fried chicken and hearty pho noodles at half the prices you used to pay that will make you go, “honestly Shiok lah!”

You must be absolutely starving after hearing about that. Without further ado, we are presenting our special promo code ALVIN12 ($12 OFF $24 on your first order!), and we rounded up nine of the top (low) dollar picks to use it on.


Miam Miam

Donburis make for easy yet tasty lunch companions; what’s made even neater here is that these rice bowls from Miam Miam are created using sustainably sourced ingredients and made from scratch using traditional Japanese preparation methods – added with a touch of French artisanal flair. Under ‘honestly Shiok!’, have the Glazed Teriyaki Chicken Donburi delivered to your doorstep and try it for yourself at only $8.24 (50 % off , U.P. $16.48).  


Once Upon a Thyme

A penne for your thoughts? If you’re thinking pasta for the next meal, add Once Upon A Thyme’s Sausage Mushroom Tomato Cream Penne to the cart. It has been a resident favourite under tomato-based options and you can be assured of healthy flavours in those tender chicken sausage and fresh mushrooms – they have been swearing by an additive-free and natural herb approach for the longest thyme.

Now, you may get it delivered to you at only $10 (30% off, U.P. $13.50).



You might have heard the 2010 hit ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. But have you tasted Pezzo’s gourmet pizza offering Pump’d Up Cheese? Get it delivered at your next corporate workshop or kids’ party and watch everyone melt into a pile of satisfied, cheesy goo.  

Pezzo’s Pump’d Up Cheese is now available at $20.90 (30% off, U.P. $29.90)


Pho Street

Street food take on a legendary status in Vietnam. Now, you can have them – as authentic and shiok as possible – in the comfort of wherever you are thanks to Pho Street. A fresh, vibrant bowl of Dry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Lemongrass Chicken and Spring Roll is one such Vietnamese hit that would warm any dreary day up, and you can have it sent to you for just $4.50 (50% off, U.P. $8.99) when you order via honestbee.



This Louisiana-inspired fried chicken recipe once beat KFC in a national taste test. Using a blend of Louisiana seasonings, the Popeyes ‘Tenders’ chicken are slow marinated before being breaded and hand battered into the kind of artery-clogging awesomeness you’d sink your teeth into anyway. With the two-piece Chicken and five-piece Tender Chicken set going at $8.80 (40% off, U.P. $14.60) via honestbee delivery, Popeyes would surely be sailing past your personal taste test along with the price kind.



Rolling over from fried chicken to roast chicken, French casual diner Poulet has also jumped on the ‘honestly, Shiok!’ collective of smouldering hot chicks, offering their signature Quarter Roast Chicken at $7.40 (30%, U.P. $10.59). It is served with roasted vegetables and French fries, and you get to choose from a selection of five sauces.


The Soup Spoon

Maybe you’ve got a co-worker who’s a vegan, or maybe your entire work unit is a fervent worshipper of #healthyeats. Or maybe you’re just sick as a puppy, but have to punch in at the office because you feel bad for taking yet another MC. Come what may, the solution to satisfy all such scenarios is absurdly simple: get The Soup Spoon delivered to you from honestbee. From now until end of this month, any sandwich or salad set you order is available at $6.90 (50% off, U.P. $13.80).



When we talk Asian cuisines, it would be an injustice to leave Thai food out of the conversation. Get it delivered to you fast, piquant and super affordable using honestbee, where you can enjoy the Pineapple Fried Rice Seafood from ThaiExpress at just $8.90 (30% off, U.P. $12.73).


Xin Wang Hong Kong Café

It’s a new and prosperous day with the ‘honestly Shiok!’ party and honestbee delivering the good vibes back to you with their XW Signature Stir-Fried Noodles, now going at just $7.87 (30% off, U.P. $11.24). If you want anything more value for money than that you would have to fly to Hong Kong itself.


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*Valid till 31 Dec 2017.