Would you pay $200 for a 2nd hand refrigerator?

Christina Wong bought a refrigerator online for $200, and in good faith accepted the item without seeing the inside of the fridge. When the second hand appliance arrived and she opened it, she found that the refrigerator hasn’t been cleaned!

For her $200, she got a refrigerator that’s been “sealed,” along with mold, foul smells, leftover food items, and dead fauna.

She contacted the seller, but she was blocked. She tried to reach the seller’s wife but was blocked too.

The seller said that the refrigerator had been wrapped up and she did not unwrap it because it would need to be packaged again.

According to Christina, the seller changed her Facebook name to “cw see you in migistratecourt” which she said meant “Christina Wong see you in magistrate court.”

In her Facebook post, she further warned people of dealing with this seller and mentioned their phone number and the name of their company.

Here are some comments from the post:

One commenter said that it’s the buyer’s fault for not insisting on seeing the interior and that the latter was not thinking very well.

One netizen said she sold her fridge for much cheaper and at a better condition!

Some offered advice where to get a better deal for a brand new refrigerator

Others supported the move to sue the seller.

Who do you think is at fault? The buyer for not checking the merchandise, or the seller for delivering an item they knew was dirty inside?