Security guards at at Apple’s West Lake location in Hangzhou China had to take down the fencing used during long lines since almost no one showed up for the launch of the iPhone 8 and 8+!

Once the doors to the store in China opened, only two people were waiting outside.

The fencing went up and was monitored by 30 to 40 guards since six in the morning last Friday, September 23. When they saw that no long line was forming, they dismantled it.

The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ are officially on sale in China but people seem to be waiting for the extended-display iPhone X to launch in November.

In a similar report, Australian Apple Stores did not see long lines as well, probably because people were waiting for the iPhone X.

Singaporeans are still queuing?

In contrast to the situation in China, Singaporeans still lined up early in the morning for the launch of the iPhone 8 and 8+.

But what would truly be the test of Apple’s dominance is if their newest model, the iPhone X, would bring in the lines once again.

Are people just waiting for this extended-screen offering from Apple? Or has the world (except Singapore) finally woken up from the spell of Steve Jobs?

Is the iPhone going the way of Nokia?

According to reports, the smartphone market in China has been taken over by phone companies who produce cheaper Android phones.

Apple has slipped from its market dominance to land in fifth place in China, well below Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

Experts say that the launch of their newest phones could revitalize the brand in China and other Asian regions, but the company’s earnings are still down 14%, steadily declining year after year.

Did you get the newest iPhone 8 or 8+? Or are you waiting for the release of the iPhone X in November? Let us know in the comments!

Images from Hui Liu’s Facebook account.