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Ann Kok to Sell Buns in Malaysia?!

What’s Ann Kok up to nowadays?

According to her social media feed, the 44-year-old celebrity recently decided to sell tasty buns in Malaysia. Take a look at her newest venture–A bakeshop!

In a report by 8SG, Ann Kok recently opened Harmony Bakery in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. While the bakeshop’s main offering is the ever-popular castella cake, there are surely other items like buns and soft, fluffy, round pastries.


Not her first venture into entrepreneurship; her first business closed back in 2014, which was called Zakka Shop.

The bakery is located at KSL City, G-44 ground floor, with the entrance from the hotel lobby.

Aside from Ann, Thomas Ong is also prominent in the launch photos and social media of the Harmony Bakery.

Here’s an interesting post about Ann Kok.

Header image from Ann Kok’s Facebook page.

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