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Ann Kok to Sell Buns in Malaysia?!

Ann Kok to Sell Buns in Malaysia?!

What’s Ann Kok up to nowadays?

According to her social media feed, the 44-year-old celebrity recently decided to sell tasty buns in Malaysia. Take a look at her newest venture–A bakeshop!

In a report by 8SG, Ann Kok recently opened Harmony Bakery in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. While the bakeshop’s main offering is the ever-popular castella cake, there are surely other items like buns and soft, fluffy, round pastries.


Not her first venture into entrepreneurship; her first business closed back in 2014, which was called Zakka Shop.

The bakery is located at KSL City, G-44 ground floor, with the entrance from the hotel lobby.

Aside from Ann, Thomas Ong is also prominent in the launch photos and social media of the Harmony Bakery.

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Here’s an interesting post about Ann Kok.

Header image from Ann Kok’s Facebook page.

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