Technology advancing at lightning speed has shifted the way things work in the world. Some people fear it as artificial intelligence taking over jobs, while others enjoy it as futuristic devices are created.

While there is room for more advancements, unfortunately, unlike The Simpsons Movie, Singapore does not have a giant glass dome to provide haze free skies and cool weather.

But here are five devices that are functional for everyday use.

1. Prynt

Photo via Prynt.

We have seen instant cameras and Polaroid printers, but this is even better. This is a phone case that connects to your phone and allows you to print any picture. It does not even require ink, bluetooth, or wifi. Prynt even sells its own Zink Sticker Paper which is cheaper than normal instant camera film and is a sticker. Normal instant camera film retails for S$10-S$20 for 10 pieces (at least S$1 each) depending on design, while the Zink Sticker Paper costs S$27 for 40 pieces (S$0.65 each).

You can buy it on Amazon for approximately S$196.37.

2. EarStudio

This is the world’s first and only 24bit Bluetooth receiver which produces amazing sound using headphones, earphones or speakers. You do not have to drop a few hundred bucks on branded headphones because this device increases sound quality for you. It sounds better than wire connection from your phone because EarStudio is able to deliver 24bit balanced audio to the output without compromise, while phones usually lose some quality. You do not have to worry about battery life as it can be played continuously for 14 hours.

You can preorder it on Kickstarter for around S$70.

3. Xiaomi 10000mAh MI Power Bank 2

Picture via Xiaomi.

Power banks are a daily necessity for almost every smartphone user. This high speed yet affordable charger is coated to make it resistant to sweat and corrosion. It is just 14.1mm thin, making it light and fits well in your hand. When it is fully charged, it can charge an iPhone 6 at least three and a half times.

You can buy it on Lazada for S$28.80.

4. Smart Writing Set

Picture via Moleskine.

Alvinology previously wrote an article about this Moleskine set which combines old school note taking with digital media, which allows you to edit and share your notes in real time. You no longer have to worry about losing notes or having to rewrite/scan notes.

You can buy it at all Moleskine stores for S$359.

5. Smart watches

Picture via Apple.

Whether you prefer the Apple Watch (S$398+) or the Samsung Gear S3 (S$548+), the wearable tech does more than tells you the time. You can track your footsteps, read and answer messages, read emails, and even make calls from your wrist.

You can buy it on the Apple and Samsung website.