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Two Singaporeans jailed in Abu Dhabi for “wearing women’s clothes in public” return home

Two Singaporeans, who were arrested in Abu Dhabi for wearing women’s clothes in public, returned home on Tuesday (29 August).

Nur Qistina Fitriah Ibrahim, 37, a transgender woman and, 26-year-old freelance fashion photographer Muhammad Fadli Bin Abdul Rahman were arrested in the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) capital of Abu Dhabi on 9 August for “wearing women’s clothes in public”.

The UAE considers cross-dressing, being transgender and homosexuality as crimes.

The court found them guilty and sentenced the pair to a year’s jail earlier this month.

But UAE officials reduced their sentences to a fine of Dh10,000 (S$3,688) and deportation, according to a report on Sunday by Middle Eastern newspaper The National.

In a video posted by Jessicaxes Lee on Facebook, the duo were seen exiting the arrival hall at Singapore’s Changi Airport to “welcome home” cheers from family and friends.

Header image from Muhammad Fadli’s Facebook. 

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