Fresh, natural a2 Milk now available in a network of 44 Cold Storage, Jason’s Gourmet and Market Place stores. 

For some, consuming milk can be problematic, causing a variety of reactions including bloating, nausea and discomfort. As a consequence, they have have removed milk from their diet.

What’s different about a2 Milk?

a2 Milk contains only the A2 beta-casein protein type, and is totally free of the A1 beta-casein protein.

Group CEO for The a2 Milk Company, Geoffrey Babidge has said, “Research has shown that for many people, A1 protein can cause symptoms similar to that of lactose intolerance. This includes bloating, nausea, stomach cramps and inflammation of the gut.”

Natural a2 Milk is pasteurised and bottled in Australia, with no re-processing before arriving into stores.

The milk is sourced from selected Australian cows, bottled and flown fresh weekly from Australia to Singapore.

Header image from a2 Milk Facebook page.