The Common Good Company, a consortium of Singaporean food and food-related brands, has responded in double-quick time (5 days) to support the historic DPRK-USA Singapore Summit, by sponsoring more than 23 different types of products, numbering total 2338 servings, to 2500 journalists from around the world at the International Media Centre at the F1 Pit Building from 10 – 12 June.

The Common Good Company, leveraging the strength of its brands and manufacturingcapacity, is providing “Good Food on the Go” for busy reporters, including quintessential localcuisine such as Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rendang Briyani and even Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream.

In line with the Summit, The Common Good Company is also offering some unique Korean offerings such as Kimchi Jiggae Soup and Kimchi Ice Cream, in addition to perennial American favourites like brownies, muffins and chocolate cookies. Ready-to-eat meals of pasta andjuices complete reporters’ survival rations.

To add some light-heartedness to an otherwise very serious Summit, there will be a fun-themed “Nourishment Station” by The Common Good Company, where reporters can helpthemselves to food or desserts at anytime. Complete with Summit theme-designed chillers, freezers, emergency ration boxes, and even a jolly vespa scooter, it will provide much respite and refreshment for journalists.

What? Kimchi ice cream?

Udders developed about 20 versions of Kimchi ice cream during the R&D process, in order to arrive at the final flavour, which is a delicate harmony of sweet and savoury, taking an iconic Korean fermented dish and re-interpreting it within the context of a sweet treat.

Besides Kimchi, Udders is also sponsoring The MaoTM – its famous Mao Shan Wang Durian ice cream, as well as liqueur flavours such as Rum Rum RaisinTM (3.9% alcohol), Tira-miss-u TM (3.8%alcohol), Bailey’s & Bourbon (3.3% alcohol), and Orange Liquor Dark Chocolate (2.7% alcohol).

The Summit being a short and intense affair, Udders hopes that its ice creams will help lighten the mood and relieve some stress for reporters, even as they get a taste of made-in-Singapore ice creamflavours. Udders is also placing its trademark “grassy freezers” with tongue-in-cheek Summit messages, and Vinny the Vespa at the Nourishment Station for journalists, together with its partners under The Common Good Company.