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Oceania, Osaka and Shanghai flight prices drop up to 65%, says Skyscanner

Skyscanner just released a report on their data for January 1 to May 1 2017 on the booking habits of Singaporeans. Here are some key insights from their report:

Cheaper destinations this year

Many Asia Pacific destinations dominate a new list of ‘price drop’ destinations that are cheaper to fly to from Singapore than they were a year ago – for example Osaka (65% price drop), Shanghai (44% price drop) and Cairns (28% price drop).

Thanks to Skyscanner for this handy interactive map:

Destination take-off: Asia

Sharp increase in search volumes for Sapporo (up 127%), Kaohsiung (up 118%), Kathmandu (up 106%), Okinawa (up 121%) and Amritsar (up 217%)

Most affordable points of entry to each continent

The Skyscanner Singapore Travel Report also revealed the cheapest destinations to fly to on each continent, based on average ticket prices in the first five months of this year:

EMEA: Although London is the Singaporeans’ favourite destination to fly to outside Asia, the report reveals that the German capital, Berlin, is typically the cheapest entry point to Europe. On average, Singaporean travellers save S$400 if they choose Berlin over London. Average ticket prices to Paris, Barcelona and Madrid are also significantly cheaper (around S$250 less) than a return ticket to the UK capital.

Americas: In the US, Skyscanner’s study suggests that Los Angeles is often a cheaper entry point compared to Singaporeans’ favourite destinations of New York and San Francisco. Now could be a good time for any Singaporeans who are interested in South America to book their tickets, with flight prices to Quito and Cartagena down 57% and 71% respectively, year-on-year.

Asia: Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest for Singaporeans to fly to, followed by Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Penang and Manila.

Oceania: Darwin emerged as the most affordable destination for Singaporeans to fly to in Oceania, beating its more visited counterparts Melbourne and Sydney (around S$170 cheaper).

The Tuesday Myth

Tuesday is consistently the most popular day of the week for Singaporeans to search and book flights, followed closely by Mondays – is this the Tuesday blues, or in anticipation of airline discount releases?

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Header image from Skyscanner Facebook account.


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