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Pezzo launches Singapore’s first durian charcoal pizza

Mention durian and almost everyone gets excited. The king of fruit which tastes like heaven but smells like hell, is Singapore’s favourite fruit.

To excite Singaporeans and pretty much everyone, there is a durian and seafood buffet going on now; a low down on how you can choose a durian this seasonand a durian pasta and durian desserts buffet is happening somewhere. 

To add to it, pizza chain Pezzo has launched durian charcoal pizza.

Named Durian King, the handmade charcoal pizza dough is topped with Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian flesh, and then freshly baked to perfection. What you get is a warm, creamy durian topping on a pizza with brown crispy edges.

Pezzo’s Durian King pizza is priced at $5.90 per slice or $32.90 for a whole 14″ pan. Available in limited quantities daily at all Pezzo outlets, except Changi Airport Terminal 2 outlet, from today till mid-August. While stocks last.


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