As if we don’t already have enough reasons to satiate our caffeine fix at Starbucks, the company is now taking its coffee game up a notch.

Starbucks has just launched its very first Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Bar in Singapore.

This immersive coffee bar brings customers closer to their coffee and affable Starbucks baristas than ever before – but that isn’t the only thing making its debut here. The United Square outlet also debuts the state-of-the-art Black Eagle espresso machine and Nitro Cold Brew on tap.

Nitro Cold Brew is now available on tap at Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar. Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Featuring rare, small-lot Starbucks Reserve™ coffee beans roasted at its Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery in Seattle, the Reserve coffee bar gives baristas – all certified Coffee Masters – a platform to engage with customers over a variety of brewing methods: Siphon, Chemex, Pour-Over, Coffee Press and Black Eagle.

Coffee is also brewed using the “siphon” method. Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Chemex refers to a manual technique of brewing coffee in a pour-over style glass-container. Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

The state-of-the-art Black Eagle espresso machine also makes its debut at the Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar. Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

In addition to the classic Starbucks menu, the location will also feature specialty beverages that showcase Starbucks Reserve™ coffees: Reserve Americano, Reserve Latte, Reserve Cappuccino, Reserve Cortado, Reserve Espresso and Reserve Espresso Macchiato.

At the store, customers can discover exceptional coffees from around the world. In the hands of Starbucks skilled baristas, the Black Eagle espresso machine delivers a smooth quality and consistent taste profile. Starbucks Reserve beans are only available in limited quantities. Updated seasonally, customers will be able to explore different tastes and coffee origins with their usual beverages – be it a Reserve Latte or Reserve Cappuccino.

In addition to the full menu, the coffee bar also offers a myriad of  Starbucks Reserve™ specialty coffee beverages, such as the Reserve Cortado and the Reserve Espresso Macchiato, which are only available at the store.

Starbucks Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew now available on tap 

Nitro Cold Brew takes the existing Starbucks Cold Brew recipe to the next level, infusing it with nitrogen to unlock the super-smooth, natural sweetness of the coffee. Served from the tap, the Nitro Cold Brew’s velvety and creamy texture is deliciously cold and served unsweetened, without ice, to highlight the flavour the cold-brewing process brings out in the coffee.

Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

“Serving Nitro Cold Brew on tap brings an entirely different kind of cold coffee experience – one we think will revolutionize the way our customers think about our cold coffee offerings,” said Darling. “Our classic Cold Brew has been very well received by our customers, and we hope to continue to surpass our customers’ expectations with our new Nitro Cold Brew.”

The place to discover coffee and connect with your loved ones

Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

The store is housed in a contemporary glass structure overlooking Thomson Road. The design concept is layered from ceiling to floor, creating a visual story about the coffee journey from bean to cup.

The artwork pays homage to the origins of coffee and coffee farming with a sustainably sourced natural bamboo installation, a swirling bamboo ceiling that simulates coffee aroma.

Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

The United Square store allows for the best of both worlds for customers, and has been designed to marry the third place experience with the all-new Reserve experience.

The highlight of the store is the Reserve™ Coffee Bar, which has been designed as an interactive space where baristas can bring the craft of coffee to life through Starbucks various brewing techniques. In addition, customers will be able to order from the full menu, including Starbucks signature beverages.

Like other Starbucks Reserve stores, a Starbucks Coffee Master will be available to introduce and educate customers on how to prepare coffee with one of the four manual brewing methods: Coffee Press, Pour-Over, Siphon and Chemex (information on the different brewing methods can be found in the factsheet).


United Square, 101 Thomson Road,

Singapore 307591.

Open 24 hours daily