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Discover New and Exciting Tea Blends from Lipton Discovery Tea Collection

Tea lovers and connoisseurs won’t want to miss Lipton’s new speciality tea range –  Lipton Discovery Collection. This premium tea collection comprises of five unique and exciting blends, which are inspired by celebrated tea destinations from across the world.

Every morning is an exhilarating sensorial journey where tea drinkers can embark on a new voyage of taste discovery. There’s no doubt about that with a constellation of flavours to choose from; Bombay Bazaar, Imperial Earl Grey, Green Gunpowder, Mild Ceylon and of course, the classic English Breakfast.

Regardless of the Discovery Collection blend you choose, each offers a unique and rich taste that promises an adventure for your taste buds.


Crafted by Lipton’s intrepid Tea Experts

The Lipton Discovery Tea Collection is quality tea with adventure at its heart.

Lipton’s team of spirited and intrepid Tea Experts have access to the world’s finest tea plantations and ensure that each blend is executed with precision in every tea bag. They travel the world with the sole purpose of uncovering new aromas and innovative flavour combinations which enhance traditional tea drinking.


Simon Ferguson, Lipton’s Tea Expert is also well-versed in the realm of tea-drinking after years of honing and developing his tea expertise. As he takes the helm of Unilever tea procurement office in Southeast Asia and Australasia, he ensures all Unilever’s blends are responsibly sourced while using only high-quality tea leaves. He has a keen eye for some of the most premium and exotic tea blends – which were palpable as he brought us on an adventurous tasting journey with the new tea collection.

Lipton Discovery Tea Collection

The new Discovery Tea Collection is the latest speciality tea range from Lipton. Each of the Discovery Collection teas uses premium ingredients sourced from across the globe, meaning each blend tells a story in every cup. By capturing the sense of adventure of our Tea Experts, with the new Lipton Discovery Tea Collection each morning you can embark on a new voyage of flavour discovery.

The new Lipton Discovery Tea Collection features five bold blends, each with a unique and contemporary take on classic black and green tea. Each blend hails from a distinct tea drinking region: Europe, South Asia and Java.

Lipton Discovery Collection Bombay Bazaar is an invigorating and bold blend of rich black tea leaves that are enhanced by exotic and uplifting Eastern spices of cardamom, cinnamon and anise. This tantalising blend has a unique and balanced flavour owing to the complex bouquet of spicy and sweet aromas from the fragrant berries.


As for the contemporary Imperial Earl Grey flavour, this specific blend of sophisticated long-leaf black tea, blue flower petals and bergamot revitalises us with a zesty lemon and citrus aroma.


Green Gunpowder effortlessly brought out the full-bodied flavour of the special green tea sourced from Java. Each individual leaf has been rolled to resemble gunpowder pellets in this uplifting and fresh blend. Taste its classic smoky character, infused with ripe osmanthus, pear and florals as the water gets imbued with its essence.

Made entirely of Ceylon’s legendary high-grown black tea, Mild Ceylon is a sophisticated recipe that exudes a subtle yet deep flavour, which is grown in the rustic and romantic pastures of the Sri Lankan highlands.


Last but not least, English Breakfast is an all-time favourite, especially when it comes to that light pick-me-up in the morning. The full-bodied blend uses only the highest quality black leaf tea sourced from the tea gardens of Africa and Asia, befitting those who have taste buds of the royalty.


Stringent Tea Sourcing Process 

Only the finest grade tea leaves go into the cup of quality Lipton tea that you drink. All tea for Lipton tea bag blends globally is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ (RAC) sources, regardless of the place of production at Lipton’s tea estates in Kericho, Kenya or at partner tea estates and smallholder farmers across the world.


Through Lipton’s commitment to Rainforest Alliance, our favourite tea brand ensures sustainability from crop to cup. The Rainforest Alliance certification encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranch lands sustainably in three ways – environmental protection, social equity and economic viability.

Since no single tenet of sustainability can support long-term success on its own, the Alliance helps farmers improve in all three areas. In conjunction with Rainforest Alliance, Lipton strives towards the improvement of the livelihoods of farmers and their families while protecting the planet for the future.

Given the elaborate thought process that goes into every cup of tea, we won’t be surprised if Lipton Discovery Tea Collection becomes a morning tea fix you just got to satisfy.

The Lipton Discovery Tea Collection is available in all major supermarkets and retails at $5.30.


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