With Chinese New Year fast approaching, many ladies (and gentlemen too) are trying to squeeze time out from our busy schedule to get groomed or get a fresh new look for the new year. For ladies who are super busy and have very limited time, how would you like to get your hair and nails done both at the same time?

I’ve heard (and stalked their stylists on Instagram) and passed by Branche for almost a year before I found time to make a hair make-over session with them sometime last year. I knew I would be paying a premium price for a salon right smack in City Hall, but the temptation was too hard to resists. I needed some pampering treats after slogging for so long without any special me-time.

Make Appointment via Instagram

Yup, that’s exactly what I did! I’ve been following one of the stylists at Branche on Instagram, and when I decided to make the appointment with him, I messaged him to see if he responded. And he did and after a short chat on IG, I’ve got my appointment locked in.

Pampered Like a Queen

When I arrived, I was invited to take a seat at a sofa and presented a menu with a selection of champagne and premium water. After resting awhile, I was ushered to my seat for the session. There was also soft blanket for ladies in dress, how thoughtful.

Half way through your session, you will again be presented with a drink menu, and offered to choose from a selection of premium tea from Angelina. The tea was served in a pot, with wet towel and some snacks from Japan too.

100% Attention from Stylist

What I really loved about Branche is that the stylist is dedicated to one customer only at any one session. Usually at other salons, I’ve to wait for the stylist to hop from one customer to another. Here at Branche, the stylist put 100% of his attention on you and you alone. And with this you save time as the waiting time is cut down, and you know you are in good hands from the first hair wash to the final blow dry and styling. Only one pair of hands will be serving you. Nice right?

Spacious & Luxurious

At Branche, every customer gets a dedicated space that is divided and blocked from those next to you. You get much more privacy and do not get those kaypoh stares from people around you like at other salons. Even in the washing area, space is also not spared. It’s so spacious and the hair wash system is super shiok too! They call it the hair spa and indeed the powerful jet spray that’s strong yet gentle gives your head a good massage. I wish they did more washing for me whenever I am there.

Photo source: Branche

Photo source: Branche

Hair and Nails in VIP Room

Recently I saw a post on my stylist’s Instagram, and this looks like a super awesome time saver and ultimate pampering for all busy women! There’s only one VIP room at Branche, so if you’re planning to head down for your CNY pampering, better call soon!

Get Free Hair Treatment for You & Me!

Word-of-mouth is most powerful and Branche sure knows how to get this to work to their advantage. They have an introduction system where both you and me will receive Branche Original Treatment System 3 worth $330 when you quote my name and referral code: Claudia Lim, 1766. This is only for ladies who is getting one other treatment done at Branche. Men who use my referral code will get a head spa instead.

Check out the services and pricing over at their website.

My Personal Before & After

If by now, you’re wondering if this is a sponsored experience, well sadly it is not. I wouldn’t mind if they pick me for long term hair sponsorship because I really love my me-time at Branche. I bought their hair package where I paid $1,000 and get $1,200 in value on credit. I’ve been there twice since and am going back again soon for hair treatment in a week time.

My first session was for a hair cut and digital perm. I returned 2 weeks after to get color and hair treatment done. On average each session cost about $350 which I think is reasonable. Where else can you get your hair pampered and feel like a queen at the same time?

Oh and the huge mirror in the luxurious toilet at Capitol Piazza makes good mirror-selfie too! Ha!

I can’t wait for my next session at Branche, one more pampering me-time before the CNY… and then the craziness after. Huat ah!

Check out the services and pricing over at their website. Don’t forget to use my referral code to get a free hair treatment! – Claudia Lim, 1766.

Branche is located at Capitol Piazza.