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Going to the Mall Will Never Be the Same with This Mobile App

We do not say this much, but the mall is such an awesome place.

Everything we need in one building, and we only need to do minimal walking to get from one shop to the other. You need to buy running shoes? Pop into a sports shop and get yourself a couple of dri-fit shirts. Are you hungry? There is a burger stop at one of the stalls near the cafe. But you know, there is no mall quite like AsiaMalls. All six of their malls offer shoppers a more personalized mall experience. How? Through their mobile app called AMperkz Lifestyle.


Now, you might think you would not need it. The mall is not such a complicated place to understand anyway. But the AMperkz Lifestyle app offers shoppers opportunities you will never get from visiting other malls. For instance, you can get e-vouchers just by taking a photo of your shopping receipts and uploading it on the app.

Since its release, the mobile app has consistently improved the customer experience, and here are ways to benefit from it.

Get points for every dime you spent

Like what was mentioned before, you can get e-vouchers just by taking a picture of your shopping receipts. Submit the photo through the AMperkz Lifestyle app then wait for a notification when you can redeem those points and convert them to e-vouchers. You are basically earning while you are spending.

Real-time updates on parking spaces

One of our greatest frustrations is running out of parking space. It wastes time, and if you cannot find any alternative, some of us just drive back to our houses downtrodden. With the AMperkz Lifestyle app, you can get updates on the number of available parking slots left so you can plan your trip to the mall better.

Easy restaurant reservations

Apart from parking, another thing that annoys us is when our favourite restaurant runs out of tables. So we either wait for people to go or we find another place to eat. Such a hassle, right? Well with the AMperkz Lifestyle you can book tables at just a few swipes of the finger. You can even use the e-queue service which works like a VIP service so you can shorten your waiting time.

Customized feed recommending shops and restaurants

By picking categories that interests you at the beginning of using the app, AMperkz Lifestyle can recommend shops and restaurants that you will definitely love to visit. This makes for a more personalized mall experience, one that has all your interests in mind.

Be notified on discounts and special events

Other than getting recommendation, you will also get notification on discounts, bargain deals, promos, and special events. So if you are planning to buy a booming sound equipment to go with your new Play Station, these notifications might help you plan your budget.

Choose the widgets you want image-4

Everything that has been mentioned are widgets within the app. If you feel like some of it is a bit more relevant to you than the others, then you may customize your AMperks feed by choosing 4 out of 8 widgets to show up automatically when you open the app.

You are basically getting the whole package with AMperks Lifestyle app: not only are you getting recommendations, but it is tailored to your interests. And life is made easier when you can plan your trip just by checking if there is parking or if there are tables left at your favorite restaurant.

So bring back the excitement when going to the mall by downloading the app here for iOS, or here if you’re an Android user.

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