OMG!!! Legally Blonde - The Musical is finally in Singapore! - Alvinology

OMG!!! Legally Blonde – The Musical is finally in Singapore!

Legally Blonde The Musical is now showing in Singapore and we caught up with the main cast for an exclusive interview plus reviewed the opening night performance.

What is the musical about?

OMG!!! Legally Blonde - The Musical is finally in Singapore! - Alvinology
Credits: Base Entertainment

The international award-winning Broadway Musical, Legally Blonde – The Musical, is based on the popular Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie starring Reese Witherspoon.

The musical follows the original story in the movie which features a Californian co-ed cutie Elle Woods, who never takes no as an answer. So, when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her for not being serious about her future, Elle turns her attention from fashion to books and enrolls in Harvard Law School to win him back. Far from her comfort zone, Elle is suddenly a misfit. But with the help of new friends (that will be revealed in the show!), Elle finds her true calling in life – and hint, it’s not Warner!

With a cast of over 25 performers and two dogs from New York and under the leadership of musical director Jeffery B. Moss and choreographer Bob Richard, audiences are going to be tickled pink by Legally Blonde!

Main Cast

OMG!!! Legally Blonde - The Musical is finally in Singapore! - Alvinology
Credits: Base Entertainment

Maris McCulley as Elle Woods
Jayson Speters as Emmett Forrest
Mychal Phillips as Paulette Bonafonte
Mark LaDuke as Warner Huntington

Exclusive Interview with Main Cast

OMG!!! Legally Blonde - The Musical is finally in Singapore! - Alvinology

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview 3 members of the main cast before the musical and this is what they had to say!

Jayson Speters (who takes on the role of Emmett Forrest) shared that this was his second time playing the role of Emmett who takes after his own personality! He laughingly mentioned that he had also initially auditioned so he could visit China and that he also wanted to be part of the musical as he loved the musical scores that would be presented.

Mark (who takes on the role of Warner Huntington) mentioned that he had flew out from Los Angeles to New York just to audition for the role and that he was extremely thankful that it has worked out, landing him his first role in a musical!

Mychal (who takes on the role of Paulette Bonafonte) shared that she was originally a fan of the movie and upon getting the role of Paulette, had re-watched the movie several times to understand her character better! She also enthused that it was extremely fun being part of this musical as the cast were given lots of space to develop and shape their own roles.

When asked about interesting stories that happened during rehearsals, the cast said they were most excited about being able to work with dogs (the musical features 2 dogs, Elle’s dog Bruiser and Paulette’s dog Rufus). They shared some endearing stories such as being cheered up by the first introduction to the dogs in China when they had been extremely jetlagged and tired as well as one of the dogs even urinating on a cast member during rehearsal when it was picked up!

All of the cast also enthusiastically shared that this was their first time to Singapore and that they found our little red dot extremely beautiful (albeit hot!).

Review of Opening Night Show

OMG!!! Legally Blonde - The Musical is finally in Singapore! - Alvinology
Credits: Base Entertainment

Being a fan of the movie Legally Blonde, I was excited to see how the plot and characters would be developed in a musical form and I was definitely not disappointed. The original music by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin were set perfectly to each scene, keeping the scenes lively and fun.

The dramatisation of key scenes was also extremely well done as the performers managed to stick to the original plot from the movie while at the same time making the musical unique with their own personal interpretations of the characters.

It was also thrilling to see the numerous set changes (from the direct recreation of the pink staircase in Elle’s sorority house to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court) as well as the professional speed in which the cast (both main and ensemble) carried out outfit changes (musical director Jeffery B. Moss has mentioned to the media that the musical required several quick and intense outfit changes for the 25 cast members).

All in all, it was a great show filled with humour and fun. As mentioned by Jeffery B. Moss, “this is a feel-good musical with a valuable message: Be true to yourself.”. If you are a fan of Legally Blonde (the movie) or would just like to spend your evening relaxing and enjoying a good laugh, head on down to MBS Mastercard Theatres to catch the musical now!

Ticketing Details

Season: 10-20 May 2018

Performance Details:

Tues – Fri: 8pm
Sat: 2pm and 8pm
Sun: 1pm and 6pm

Prices (in SGD):

VIP – $195
VIP Box – $700
A Reserve Box – $580
Box – $340
A Reserve – $165
B Reserve – $115
C Reserve – $85
D Reserve – $65

*excludes the booking fee of $4 per ticket

You can buy your tickets on the MBS or Sistic website, call +65 6688 8826 or visit the Marina Bay Sands Box Offices in person!

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