So how can you get your hands on a piece of the Singaporean pie?

It is no longer essential to move to and work in Singapore in order to benefit from its ongoing upsurge in prosperity, au contraire, all you have to do is look to the stock market.

The ability to exchange currency online has been a trader’s dream since 2001, as the Singapore dollar has been rising in value the entire time. This is no expediential extravaganza, but a steady increase that has left many investors rubbing their hands together in glee.

Currently, trading foreign currencies is high on the list of many investors agendas, due to market forces, political issues such as Brexit and the American presidential election. The FX markets are a fast moving, high volume, 24 hour a day opportunity for those with an appetite for big money to flex their muscles and exercise their understanding of wider world on-goings.

Singapore has become a Mecca for the finance industry and FX trading, not just domestically, but across the entire Asia Pacific region. A stable political and economic environment have a lot to do with this success, but perhaps more so, Singapore has tax policies and legal polices that make it a very attractive destination from which to do business.

Singapore is also seen as a very safe country from which to do business, it is a very strict country and so there is little corruption, organised crime or money laundering. This combined with a number of other aspects, such as being a liberal banking market that has been strengthened by regional mergers and acquisitions, has led to numerous European entities investing there with some vigour.

Those wanting to work in the banking or the wider financial sector, could do worse than consider Singapore as a potential career destination, as working in such a financial “hot spot” is sure to reap dividends, both financially and in terms of continuing career kudos.

Many wealthy individuals from across south east Asia are now choosing Singapore as the epicentre for their financial and banking activities, another good sign that this is the place to be.

Image provided by Shutterstock

Image provided by Shutterstock

Singapore may suffer the odd fluctuation in its financial fortunes, but, taking all things into consideration and looking at its recent assent into the financial and stock trading halls of fame, it is very unlikely that working in the Singapore financial sector from within the country itself of remotely, will be anything other than a big dollar here and a big dollar there!