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Grand Unifying Theory On The Flies, Maze and The Hidden Agenda In Westworld


I have this theory that ties in all the different hints dropped in the show. My conclusion is that Westworld is an experiment by the management to implant human consciousness onto a host, so that a human can effectively live forever. Even Ford mentioned in Episode One saying that “we are done” when we can “bring people back from the dead”. There are many subtle hints and signs throughout the first 2 episodes that already points to this bigger agenda. Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not yet watched Episodes 1 and 2.

The Hosts


Instead of being robots constructed from wires and and circuit boards, the Hosts in are 3D printed with what seemed like artificial tissues. In one of the opening scenes we also see a technician manually placing organs into the rib-cage of host horse. In the show we also see that the hosts bleed, can have sex, and in general have the same anatomy as their living counter parts. When a Host has to be decomissioned, the host is kept in cold storage. To prevent decomposition? Even the police guy said that the cold storage system was having issues, so the smell (from decay) could be unbearable. In the scene where Ford was interacting with the second oldest Host ever built, we discover that the Hosts are sometimes also stored in body bags, exactly how we would store human corpses.


Could this mean that the Hosts bodies are actually fully organic in nature? Does it mean that the hosts could be used as organic containers for humans to transfer our consciousness onto and continue to live?

The Flies

Other than Guests, flies are the only living things in the park. Hosts could never harm a living thing. Yet, at the end of episode 1, we see Dolores instinctively killing a fly, just like how a human would do it. This shows that Dolores is actually capable of killing living things. This was also after an upgrade, which allows a Host to access their earlier memories. Let’s hold that thought for a minute.


At an earlier scene in episode 1, a Sheriff malfunctioned immediately when a fly lands on his face. It seem as if he was instinctively bothered by the fly’s presence, yet he was conflicted as he was not supposed to harm a living thing. This contradiction resulted in his seizure. Don’t forget that the Sheriff is also one of those Hosts affected by the upgrade.


Why would Hosts suddenly start malfunctioning and start getting bothered by flies after they have access to their buried earlier memories?

Were the Hosts’ AI actually built in consciousness of actual human beings? Suggesting that the research of implanting human consciousness into Hosts had been going on for some time. Could human consciousness be the underlying foundation of Hosts’ AI, with just their memories overwritten to fool them into their respective roles? When the “reverie” update was introduced, the Hosts “woke up” with their human consciousness trying to come forward, resulting in the breakdowns?

The Dreams & “Flashbacks”

Hosts started having dreams and flashbacks after the update. We know that the update allows them to access their earlier memories. We also know that in Hosts, memories surface as dreams (according to that Lesbian technician).

Ford and The Boy


In episode 2, we see Ford secretly going into Westworld, and waiting for a child to show up. The child wore very similar clothes to the current Ford, and has a father who said the exact obscure sentence about boredom as Ford’s father. Ford was also teaching the child how the magicians could control everything about this place. In the end, we also realized that the child is also a Hosts, as he could be commanded to leave after Ford having said “the magic word”.

Could the child be a vessel to Ford’s memories and consciousness?

Then What Is The Hidden Level?

The maze is a hidden level in the Westworld game. If you look at the drawing of the maze closely, you see a circular shape surrounding a humanoid figure. Very similar to the equipment you see during the manufacturing process of Hosts.


We know that Hosts have organic bodies. We know that there are many signs pointing to the fact that the larger experiment involves consciousness transplant into Host bodies. Could the ultimate quest (and reward) for Westworld be having your own consciousness transplanted into a Host body so that you can live forever? I think immortality would make for some pretty solid reward.

“But it is not for you”.

Perhaps the largest mystery in the show is the identity of the Man in Black (MiB). I’ve just watched the original Westworld movie and the MiB looks almost identical to the Gunslinger Android in the original movie.

Could the MiB be actually a Host who escaped 30 years ago, after knowing some dirty secret behind Delos? Is this why Lawrence daughter said that the maze is not for him? Because the maze points the path to immortality, but the MiB is a robot and hence already immortal?

What do you think?

These are my speculations. What do you think? Ultimately, speculations are just speculations. To know more, we can only watch on…






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