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10 Types of Interns Companies Should Look Out For

10 Types of Interns Companies Should Look Out For

It is so so tough these days to find the right people to hire. The good ones are usually hired and the really good ones have started their own businesses. Companies struggle to fill up full-time positions so they start their head-hunting early, from schools and institutes. They hire interns to get work done while grooming the really good ones with hope that they will return after they graduate.

If you are looking for an internship or hiring interns, here are 10 of the good traits to look out for.

The Creative Intern

In the era today being creative is the first most important requirements. It does not apply to only people in the creative industry, almost every businesses need to be creative in their fields. Being creative also means the intern will be able to adapt to situations more flexibly and is fluid when carrying out his duties.

The Automatic Intern

“Intern please do this. Intern please do that. Intern have you finished this, client expected us to do this yesterday!”

This is the last I want to be doing once the intern is settled into the job. Internship usually lasts from 3 to 6 months. They come and go so quickly sometimes it is hard to train them proper and fast enough so they can help move the company forward together with the rest of the team.

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An automatic intern picks up skill and know-how quicker. She takes initiatives and thinks a few steps ahead than her peers.

The Smart Intern

Street smart and work smart. Being smart at studying and having excellent grades in school is not as important as being smart logically and being human smart. (Did I just coin a new term?)

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The Intern That Takes Amazing Photos

Because-good-photos-speak-louder-on-social-media. If the intern can shoot and cut a video on his phone too, GRAB him!

The Social Media Intern

This intern live and breathe social media. She knows the who’s who, the trending hashtags on Instagram, spot the latest viral video on Facebook, snap every meal she eats and looks like a model in her #OOTD. She may be the one who will bring your next piece of promotional video to the next level.

The Intern In Basic Tee and Jeans (EVERYDAY)

Think Steve Job, Mark Zuckerberg and our very own Alvin Lim.

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Interning at Alvinology

The Intern With Messy Table

Because messy tables mean the intern is too busy being productive at work. And study shows people with messy table are more creative!

The Intern Who Wears A Watch

So he will never be late lah!

The Intern With Productive Mobile Apps

It is common for efficient companies, especially the startups, tech companies, creative agencies to be using different productive apps for day-to-day operation amongst their team. If the Intern uses apps such as Google Drive, Slack and Trello, he is a keeper.

Mobile apps via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

The Storytelling Intern

Because everyone is telling stories online. When an Intern is able to develop a story for your business and produce good and engaging content online, she will be able to bring more engagements with your clients and stakeholders for your business.

The above 10 types of Interns could be a dream to have, and probably impossible to find one that has all the above traits. A mix of 3 to 4 of these traits should be a good representation of the Intern’s capability and willingness to learn.

If you are a student, fresh grads or just someone who wants to try out working in an advertising and creative media agency, send your CV and portfolio to [email protected]. YES! WE ARE HIRING!

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As an Intern with Alvinology, you will get to experience and do some pretty fun and awesome stuff! Think suspending in mid-air to take top-down shots of a buffet line, running around Singapore (and beyond) to discover new places, meet celebrities up-close, get stuff with latest tech gears you don’t even know which to lay your hands on first and did I mention we’ve got a pool and gym just above our office?

All ages, experiences, and gender welcome. Get in touch with us lah, don’t wait liao. We need you! Below are some of the things we have done…

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