IMS SG x Alvinology: Most Nostalgic 90’s Squad Games You Used To Play At The Arcade - Alvinology

IMS SG x Alvinology: Most Nostalgic 90’s Squad Games You Used To Play At The Arcade

Are you a 90s kid? If you are, you’d know there were lots to take away from the era of Nirvana, No Doubt, bell bottoms and Will and Grace… but one standout feature of the 90s is the array of addictive arcade games that made you resort to the “My dog ate my homework!” excuse the next day at school.
Take a trip down memory lane and recollect the good ol’ times when you blasted virtual enemies with your comrades in these ten blasts from the past – the epitome of #SquadGoals back then.


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Contra was a two-player, coin-operated arcade game with the characters Bill and Lance. Interestingly, instead of jumping around like in all other games, the character would curl into a somersault to get over hurdles. The game has cemented its legacy, considering that a Chinese action film modelled after the game is set for release next year.


Doom unquestionably paved the way for many video games of today like Blackshot, Call of Duty and Sudden Attack. It is one of the first games set in the first-person shooter format. Players would take on the role of Doomguy – a space marine – to fight against demons in a bid navigating their way out of hell.

House of the dead

House of the Dead took the term mad scientist’ to quite an extreme, as Dr. Curien spirals toward insanity when exploring the nature of life and death in his experiments. Players have to battle his nightmarish creature creations so as to take down his evil regime.

Jurassic Park

This game needs no introduction. Jurassic Park still is a global phenomenon today, where players shoot down hostile dinosaurs. The arcade variant of the game notably had a moving seat to heighten the sense of realism, fully immersing the player in the constructed dinosaur world.

Lethal Enforcers

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Armed with a service revolver, players would progressively acquire better weapons in Lethal Enforcers, shooting armed robbers whilst careful not to jeopardise innocent civilians. The game is segmented into six stages – The Bank Robbery, Chinatown Assault, Hijacking, The Drug Dealers, and Chemical Plant Sabotage.

Metal Slug

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Metal Slug is a Japanese run-and-gun video game, centered around the Peregrine Falcon Squad. The squad comprises of a small group of soldiers battling a rebel army, aliens and otherworldly forces set on taking over the world. Its popularity sees the serialised game being played on other platforms like Playstation.

Star Wars

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Lightsabers, space opera, Darth Vader, The Force – no one should be stranger to the Star Wars franchise. Take it way back in time, travelling through space as you play the original arcade version of the game with your squad.

Strikers 1945

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Set in the post-World War II era, a team of six elite pilots take down C.A.N.Y., a dangerous organisation emerging with never-before-seen superweapons. The catch of this game? In the Japanese arcade version, victorious players who made it all the way to the end could see the six pilots undressed. How raunchy!

Time Crisis

In an attack, taking cover is of utmost importance – and the highlight of the game Time Crisis is its cover system, where players release a foot pedal to take cover, disabling them from firing. As the name suggests, challenges must be completed within a time frame, with time extensions awarded to those victorious.

Virtua Cop

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Ever pictured yourself as a virtuous cop in a vigilante mission, taking down powerful crime syndicates? Virtua Cop must have been the game for you! It is one of the first games which allows players to shoot through class – something that was revolutionary back in the day.

IMS SG x Alvinology: Most Nostalgic 90’s Squad Games You Used To Play At The Arcade - Alvinology

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