Starbucks has its own New Year’s resolution this 2019 and it’s to delight everyone with new items on the menu. Starting today, you will have better mornings with Starbucks Teavana with new delectable drinks, desserts and breakfast sets.

Here are the new delights you can find in Starbucks to kickstart your 2019 mornings.

Breakfast Sets

The new breakfast sets are available until 11:30 AM on weekdays and 2:30 PM on weekends and public holidays. All sets are served with a tall-sized freshly brewed coffee.

Egg Mayo & Cheese Multigrain Croissant ($7.50 per set)

Turkey Ham & Omelette Sandwich ($7.50 per set)

Breakfast Pancakes ($6.50 per set)

Peanut Butter & Jelly Toast ($6.50 per set)

Four Cheese Toast ($6.50 per set)

Chicken Ham & Cheese Panwich ($7.50 per set)

Egg White, Roasted Pepper, Mushroom & Cheddar Wrap ($7.50 per set)

Turkey Ham, Egg White and Cheddar Sandwich ($7.50 per set)

Rosemary Chicken & Emmental Cheese Croissant ($7.50 per set)

Starbucks Teavana

Chestnut Black Tea Latte ($7.40 tall)

Vanilla Black Tea Latte ($6.50 tall)

Vanilla Black Tea & Espresso Fusion ($6.90 tall)


Starbucks® Earl Grey Tea-ramisu Cake ($6.50 per slice)

Starbucks® Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake ($6.50 per slice)

Starbucks® Mango Yogurt Cheesecake ($6.50 per slice)

Starbucks Celebratory Note

The world-famous coffee shop will also have a Starbucks Card for the New Year so you can radiate celebratory vibes with every coffee purchase. Yours with a minimum of $20 net spend in a single receipt; this card is a Starbucks Rewards Members’ Exclusive item. Terms and conditions apply.