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New Drama, BULL is superficial

Polonius in the play, “Hamlet”, proclaimed that, “the apparel oft proclaims the man”. This is the premise of the new courtroom drama by RTL CBS entertainment that premiered 2 weeks ago.  Bull, was inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, a trial consultancy that prepares its clients for the courtroom by advising them on how to put their best foot or, in this case, face forward when facing the judge and jury (it is set in the USA).

Part psychologist, part fashion guru and a little of a mind reader somewhere in-between, Dr Jason Bull surreptitiously manipulates the ins and outs of the judicial courts. Neither a lawyer or member of the jury and with no obvious role to play in the law courts, he is often viewed with suspicion, taken to be a charlatan and sneered at. Eventually though, everyone comes running back to his unorthodox methods and his expertise.

New Drama, BULL is superficial - Alvinology

Not operating as a lone wolf, his A-team of fashion stylist, neurolinguistics expert, NYPD detective, hacker and lawyer analyses all manner of quantitative and qualitative data to tip the scales of justice in their client’s favour. Whether it is a jury member’s predilection for Hersey Chocolate Bars, or the presiding judge’s preference for maud, Bull and his associates would seek out and exploit even the most innocuous personal detail or trait in their efforts to craft their desired outcome. However, the unpredictable human spirit often throws out some scandalous surprises when it is least expected.

New Drama, BULL is superficial - Alvinology

Dr. Jason Bull is played by Michael Weatherly, a well recognised face from NCIS, the sci-fi series, Dark Angel and other productions on cable and the big screen. Chris Jackson, the stylist, is the masculine depiction of vogue and is a cat walking style diva packaged in a dainty square-jawed, American footballer’s hulking frame.

For a smart, insightful evening, tune into BULL every Wednesdays at 9PM, on Singtel Channel 318 and Starhub Channel 509.

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