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10 Reasons why cycling is an awesome sport

Out of the dozens of other different type of sports, cycling is perhaps the only low-impact, safe-for-your-knees sport that is capable of covering long distances.

Here are some of my personal favorite reasons why I feel that cycling is perhaps the best sport anyone should do anywhere in the world.

  1. Discover the outskirts

1 nature

There are many places in Singapore where it’s almost impossible reach in time for the sunrise with public transport, with a bicycle you can have access to magnificent landscape views despite living in one of the busiest cities in the world. 


Most of the weekends I usually start cycling at 5:30am~ and buy some breakfast along the way before heading to a secluded beach in Singapore to catch the sunrise alone. The peace and serenity I experience every weekend is an excellent form of meditation away from the hectic city lifestyle and it keeps my mind sane.

1 enjoying food alone during sunrise

2) Lazy friends love you

When you have friends who live a distance away from good food places, you’ll typically become the guy they call to hang out with as you can bring them food in a short notice.

It also makes you feel less guilty about eating unhealthy food as you burn some calories along the way.

2 friends love you


It’s more convenient to chill with friends at night over a beer in public near their place.Of course, don’t be an idiot, sober up and ride safely. Safety should always be a priority.

3 drink cycling

4) A way to show your patriotism!

Nothing is better or more attention seeking than blasting national songs and anthems though a portable speaker like the JBL Charge2+ with a flag attached to the back.

With the added “Attentional-seeking-ness”, it also made my ride safer on the roads with everyone noticing me!

4 patriotism

5) Pokemon Go is easier cycling

Pokestops too far from each other to walk? Want to be more efficient in collecting them all or items? Ride a bike then!

Hatching your poke eggs are also easier as you cover longer distances in shorter time, personally I am able to hatch multiple eggs every time I cycle.

5 pokemon go easy mode

6) Meditation away from people

Similar to number 1, what I’d like to emphasise is the ability/opportunity to cycle to places that’s without public transport, carparks or even proper walking paths, even though Singapore is a tiny island jam packed with 5 million people, cycling can bring you to places that no others can access easily.

This gives you the opportunity to properly meditate, clear your thoughts and find inner peace without anybody else to annoy you.

6 meditation


You don’t have to spend any money to enjoy a fellowship with old or new friends, catch up by riding to food places or sit around more secluded breakwaters along East Coast park.

7 heart to heart

8) Kampong style dating

Though I haven’t tried yet, cycling with a back seat installed should be easier to bring girls around, for supper and stuff…..you know.

8 kampong style dating

9) Make new friends!

As introvert as most cyclists may seem, we are all friendly people and if you happen to be taking the same route, you may just end up becoming friends and cycle together often!

9 strnagers to friends

10) Mass riding events

One of the most notable and looked-forward to event by cycling enthusiasts in Singapore will be the OCBC cycle held pretty much every year.

They also organise many different activities such as cafe-hopping, making food indulgence less guilty as you exercise to eat…..and eat to exercise.

Register today to ride and check out other bike activities available at www.OCBCcycle.com

Hurry! Tickets are selling out fast and the dates are closing!


Cafe-hopping by bicycle, you exercise to eat and eat to exercise.

10 ocbc

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