Rachel and Asher in the Smurf house with Papa Smurf

Six Highlights from The Smurfs Art Exhibition at Harbour City Hong Kong


TheWe’re all Smurfs! art exhibition at Harbour City in Hong Kong will be wrapping up end of August and if you haven’t visited it yet, here’s what you missed.

1. 35 x 1-metre-tall giant Smurfs to take all the selfies and wefies you want

This is located at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt, just by Harbour City’s waterfront. Admission is free for public. If you make a donation to UNICEF, you can also gain access to the Smurf house where Papa Smurf resides in.

Smurf cards for visitors who donated to UNICEF
Smurf cards for visitors who donated to UNICEF
Rachel and Asher in the Smurf house with Papa Smurf
Rachel and Asher in the Smurf house with Papa Smurf
The Smurfs fun fact 1
The Smurfs fun fact 1
The Smurfs fun fact 2
The Smurfs fun fact 2
The Smurfs fun fact 3
The Smurfs fun fact 3
Asher with apples
Asher with apples
Take a nap
Take a nap
Me with Wild Smurf
Me with Wild Smurf

Check out our walkthrough video:

2. Original artworks by Peyo

Peyo is the creator of The Smurfs 58 years ago. In The Smurfs House of Stories, Peyo’s studio is re-created for this major retrospective, showcasing his precious original works, escorted by hand from Belgium to Hong Kong.


These rarely exhibited materials include the original copies of The Smurfs comic-strips, original plates and illustrations and the original film of the first ever Smurfs film in the cinemas.

Some of Peyo works on exhibit:

Peyo's works

hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-84 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-83 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-82 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-86

The original works are exhibited to the world publicly for the first time ever, unravelling Peyo’s ideal world and narratives through the stories, lives, appearance and language of The Smurfs.

Peyo’s reconstructed work desk:

hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-81 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-80

3. Smurf-themed food

Harbour City partnered with some of their tenants to feature Smurf-themed food items for the fans. These include Smurf cookies from home-grown brand, Homie Cookies and Smurf macarons from LE CAFÉ de Joël Robuchon.

There’s also a Smurfs’ Fantasy High Tea Set at Three on Canton:


hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-10 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-09hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-06 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-07 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-08 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-12 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-14 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-04 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-03 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-02

4. Exclusive Smurf merchandises and other collectibles

There are a series of limited edition Smurf collectibles, including vinyl toys and Hong Kong themed collaborative tee-shirts.


“The Smurfs Rarities Collection” Pop-up Store is opened at the Atrium I of Gateway Arcade, with a giant 4-metre- high Smurf flying in the sky to greet the visitors. Several limited-edition collectibles, specifically those produced for this Hong Kong tour, are available in the pop-up store during the exhibition.

hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-70 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-69 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-68 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-67 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-66 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-65 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-54

These include 316L Black Steel Smurf figure (with only 30 available worldwide) and wood carved Smurf figure (with only 100 available worldwide), as well as The Hong Kong style Smurfette figure in red, white and blue dress and the Kung-Fu Smurf figure.


Apart from these high-end collectibles, the pop-up store will also have toys and other items, including little Smurf nightlights, talking Smurfs, heartbeat Smurfs and mini Smurf village.

5. Smurf exhibits designed by celebrities

In the middle of the mall, there are several Smurf exhibits to gawk at, including a whole series designed by prominent celebrities in the Chinese entertainment world.


Can you guess which of these exhibits are designed by which celebrities respectively?

6. Augmented reality Smurfs

This is really great foresight on the part of the mall marketing team. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the launch of the Smurf augmented reality game app preceding the official launch of the global Pokemon GO augmented reality game in Hong Kong.

hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-74 hk-the-smurfs-harbourcity-75

You get to ‘catch’em all’, wandering around the mall to hunt for Smurf stamps to scan and see 3D pop-up Smurfs that you can play with.


To play, download the eSee app on your mobile phone.

If you happen to be in Hong Kong these last few days of August, do visit Harbour City to check out all The Smurfs highlights!

Actually, even if you missed this, Harbour City is always bringing in lots of large scale and interesting art exhibitions in their premises.

Do follow them on their social media for the latest updates. They are the same folks who brought in the first 100 Doraemon exhibition into Asia, the giant rubber duck and the Where’s Wally exhibition.

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