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[CONTEST] If you had S$10,000 how can you use it to fulfil your biggest dream?

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Many people know me just as a blogger or the guy who is good with social media and digital content. It was not always this way. Back during my school days, people remember me as the artistic guy, the one always doodling during class and who can draw very well.

Remember the viral Draw Something game app in 2012? Here are some of my quick sketches done on a touchscreen:

[CONTEST] If you had S$10,000 how can you use it to fulfil your biggest dream? - Alvinology

[CONTEST] If you had S$10,000 how can you use it to fulfil your biggest dream? - Alvinology

[CONTEST] If you had S$10,000 how can you use it to fulfil your biggest dream? - Alvinology

When I was a little boy, my ambition was to become someone like Tezuka Osamu when I grow up. Osamu is often credited as the ‘father of manga’ and is best known as the creator of the comics series Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion and Black Jack. I want to be able to inspire dreams, change people’s lives with my creations.

To this day, the masthead for my Facebook profile page features a quote from Walt Disney: “If you can dream it you can do it”. This is to constantly remind me never to give up on my dreams, no matter how old I am.


My biggest dream is still to have an awesome published work that can inspire and change lives. To a small extent, my humble little blog is helping me fulfil this, with some stories that touch people, as well as some misses that turn people off. Regardless, I believe all of them have their impact on society.

Financially and career-wise, I am doing okay. I hold an awesome day job at an internet company which gives me exposure to emerging markets and lots of travel and networking opportunities. is doing well too, having scaled it up from a one-man blog into a group of content sites under Alvinology Media as well as adding an agency arm where we work with cool clients like, among many others.

It was not easy when I first started scaling up I had to juggle the load of starting up a new business with my day job as well as family commitments. I believe it was sheer tenacity and the passion for what I do that saw me through the difficult period. Time management was important, as was proper resourcing. You cannot do everything by yourself. Having a good team helped a lot and I am really thankful for the dynamic team we built up over time in Alvinology Media.

Ironically, what’s probably holding me back from fulfilling my biggest dream is time. Or maybe it’s just about prioritisation and resourcing. These are always my biggest bugbears. For time is never enough for anyone. It’s just how best you make use of the 24 hours you have each day.

I know I have to get to it. I have all these ideas and concepts in my head. It is the lack of discipline to get to the execution phase.

I will get there. Eventually. Walt Disney is constantly reminding me when I am on my Facebook profile page.

What about you?

What is your biggest dream? Is it to travel the world? Or maybe something simpler like to bring your whole family to Universal Studios?

If it is money that is stopping you from fulfilling your biggest dream, would S$10,000 cash help you to draw nearer to that goal?

#GoBearDreams Contest – Stand a chance to win S$10,000 CASH!

GoBear wants you and people in Singapore to share your ambitions and dreams. Be as creative and interesting as possible in sharing your dream and submit a 30 seconds video here along with your personal details. The best submission wins the grand prize of $10,000 CASH funding by GoBear to fulfill your dream! Check out the video of a sweeper’s outrageous dream being fulfilled thanks to getting a loan on GoBear:

Other than the grand prize of $10,000 cash, the most popular video of the week gets to win prizes such as a yoga class package or a free co-working space subscription under The Working Capitol.

Contest period: 29 June to 29 July 2016.

Contest details are available on

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