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4 Surprising Ways This App Can Make Your Daily Commute Awesome

If you have used an app to check out the arrival time of the next bus, you cannot miss giving SG BusLeh a go.

We have developed SG BusLeh to be one of the most powerful and innovative bus app in Singapore, while keeping it simple and easy to use.

SG BusLeh is available on both Android and iOS.

Here are 4 good reasons why you should make the switch to SG BusLeh:

1. Extremely Easy To Use

Why do you have to ‘learn’ how to use an app?
With just 3 main tabs, using the app is easy and there is no need to navigate through multiple screens just to see bus timing.
busapp (Medium)

2. You Can Stalk Buses

Ever wish you can stalk and see the actual location of upcoming buses? Now you can.

Screenshot_2015-12-24-11-55-12_framed (Medium)

3. A Search That Isn’t Stupid

Ever wish you can search for bus-stops near landmarks? Yes, you can finally do that with BusLeh.

Screenshot_2015-12-24-12-42-05_framed (Medium)

If you are searching for a bus service instead, BusLeh intelligently reacts to that.

Screenshot_2015-12-24-12-42-14_framed (Medium)

4. Available On Your Watch

If you want the ultimate in convenience, you don’t even have to take out your phone from your pocket. BusLeh is available on all Android Wear watches, allowing you to check bus timing right from your wrist!


BONUS: Singlish

Users say that the use of Singlish in BusLeh brings a smile to their face every time. They can’t be more wrong.

2015-05-28 04.33.07 (1)_framed (Medium)

Download by searching for “SG BusLeh” on Google Play or App Store today!

SG BusLeh is developed by Singapore Mobile App Development House, Originally US

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