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My 2nd ICT (16 Jan to 3 Feb)

CDS at work
picture taken from USMC

“A Ah O Ah Infantry…”

Sian man. Tomorrow morning must report for In-Camp-Training (ICT) again. It’s THREE LONG WEEKS this time. Three weeks in robot mode to cope with the irritating regimentation. I will definitely take a long time to recover from the brain damage incurred during the period. Sigh.

I hope I won’t encounter any of those no-life regulars who still think they are the most powerful beings in the universe – it’s only in your G.I. Joe land that you guys have such power dude, outside, you and I are the same human beings.

Anyway, bye peeps!~

I will be back again on 3 February.

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  1. Great the FIBUA thing. Peep up there sure seem insecure.Just curious Did they put the film on Rules of engagement and how USA are always right???? Seem like they forgot about the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo secret jail stuff.

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