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Selma and Singapore – A Touching Story of a Homeless Lady and her Loyal Dog

Selma and her dog, Singapore (pictures via Zeus Communications)
Selma and her dog, Singapore (pictures via Zeus Communications)

A homeless lady and an abandoned dog. Both have nothing else in this world except each other. Their story moved me and I sincerely hope help will come their way soon.

It is often touted that there is no homeless people in Singapore. Yet the irony is, this dog is named “Singapore” and her owner, Selma is homeless.

Check out these two blog posts: 1) We Need Your Help!; and 2) The Singapore Angel. Fate brought them together via Zeus Communications. They provide a good background story of Selma and Singapore.

A few key paragraph excerpts:

“We often bring you stories of homeless stray dogs, cats, abandoned pets etc but today I write this with a heavy heart wrought with concern and confusion.

It’s about a homeless lady in Singapore. Did you know that there are people in Singapore who have no homes, no food nor shelter? That they sleep on benches in parks, or on cardbox boxes on the sidewalks? What’s more – this homeless lady has a dog with her. Is it good that she has a dog for companionship? Or is it sad that the dog has to go through the life of a vagrant with her…..

Think about this – a Muslim female, about 45+ yrs old, mentally and physically disabled, cared for and protected by one loyal mongrel – sharing what little food they can get every few days, sleeping at the park and walking from Little India to Orchard Road everyday. I would think with a physically disabled person and a tired and hungry dog – they would take at least a FEW hours to get to town. Then she would sit along Orchard Road all day, watching the world go by, while Singapore roams around scavenging for food. That must have been how she ended up inside the shopping mall. Come nightfall, the both of them would walk another few hours back to Little India to sleep in the park.

Did you know such situations existed in Singapore? Why is it that no one has referred Selma to social welfare? She is unable to care for herself and she is homeless. Isn’t that enough grounds to offer help?

On another note, if social welfare did take her into a Home, she would most likely be separated from her dog and that’s not what we want. They NEED each other.

We used animal communication with Singapore and she communicated with us that they did not have a home, they slept at the park – which was true and we already knew. Singapore asked why she was locked in the cage (at the Vet) and that she needed to get out to be with her owner. She said when it rained, they just continued sitting at the park and got drenched because her owner liked sitting in the rain. Singapore also told us that her owner was in a world of her own and the dog was all Selma had.

We have been in a fix on how to help Selma and the dog. This is a true case of a fellow human being needing help and a loyal dog taking care of her owner, living a life possibly worse than a stray. This is not a life; neither for a dog, nor a fellow human being.

To help the human being or to help the dog? We would like to help both, if we could. We would be glad to provide food to the dog on a regular basis but where can they live? The dog should not be separated from her owner because they only have each other and they mean the world to each other….

After Selma left the clinic, we heard the loudest, saddest most pathetic cry I have ever heard in my entire life. It was so loud, and there was so much pain and sadness in that cry. It was Singapore, already missing and pining for her owner. Dr said that Singapore had been rubbing her nose on the cage all day trying to get out and her nose is really read and sore. She also commented that owner and dog should not be separated as all they have is each other. They NEED to be together. For that reason, we will try our best to “rehome” owner and dog together. If they were separated, Selma would no longer have anything to live for and Singapore would probably just pine away….”

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