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10 signs that the Singapore General Election is coming

I know I know, I am just stating the obvious. The Singapore General Election is right round the corner and the whole of Singapore seems to know about it.


Here are ten tell-tale signs.


Reservist policemen start receiving letters like this:


Source: facebook


A lot of politicians start showing up at your neighbourhood hawker centres or coffeshops

Everyone wants to shake your hands, carry your baby or be your best friend. Confused? Just smile and tell all of them you will vote for all of them. This will make them really happy. At the end of the day, you and only you know who you really vote for.


Your friends on facebook suddenly become enemies over different political views

Everyone starts sharing news about his or her own favourite political party. Some people can get really fervent and close-minded. So much so they end up arguing badly with others who support other political parties. Friends turn to foes. Politics can be really divisive. Your friends start blocking each other on facebook. You just watch and enjoy your popcorns.


Your choice of colour for your #OOTD matters

If you show up at work in all-white from top to bottom, people will ask you if you are invited to stand for election or whether you are supporting the ruling party. If you show up in blue, red or yellow, people will ask you to consider your decision carefully if you intend to run for election or to support opposition political parties.


The Transport Minister announced a cut in public transport fares

Seriously. This has never happened before. Usually, it is always fare hike announcements.

Singapore’s Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew announced on 3 August that transport fares will be reduced by up to 1.9 per cent from December. He said fares were being lowered following reduced fuel costs. Right.


Army generals and senior civil servants are dropping like flies

No they are obviously not going into retirement. For the uninitiated, you may even think there is some crisis in the Singapore civil service, our armed forces or the police force to cause the sudden mass exodus of many senior and important appointment holders.

The most prominent one has to be the current Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant-General Ng Chee Meng who just retired from the Singapore Armed Forces after 29 years of service.

Fret not. You will soon see these guys in your neighbour wanting to shake your hands and take photos with you.


Getai organisers and singers get warned not to play politics 

The Singapore police said on 14 August that getai performances are strictly not allowed before, during or after election rallies. 

Need further clues on the dates for the coming election?


You see weird sponsored posts like this on your facebook feed:

10 signs that the Singapore General Election is coming - Alvinology

Are promoted posts on Facebook considered as political advertisement? Fyi, she is not the only one. I also see sponsored posts from independent candidate, Tan Lam Siong and a few others.


Bloggers who usually write about food and travel starts blogging about politics too

Guilty as charged, but I believe I am not the only one.

As a Singaporean, I think it is our duty as Singapore citizen to be socially and politically informed. Agree?


Amos Yee starts making rude videos again

Like this one (view discretion is advised on the vulgar language used in the video):

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