Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind.

Have you been following the case of the Bali Nine? For more information, the hyperlink provided offers a full cover on it.

The reason for me bringing up the Bali Nine case relates to a new mobile phone game application created by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) students, in partnership with the Preventive Education Unit (PEU) in Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

They have come up with a mobile game, “Aversion” to educate teenagers on the evils of drugs. The whole purpose of launching this new game is to create a widespread awareness on drugs, their harmful side effects and dangers of drug abuse:

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

With Singapore taking a tough stance on its intolerance against drug abuse and trafficking, this game comes timely as a saver to parents or teenagers who do not have deep rooted understanding and knowledge on the damaging effects drugs cause to our body.

The game is single player, non-score based and purely educational. Parents can try it with your kids to educate them on drug abuse while adults can play it on your own to gain knowledge and learn something new while having fun. Certainly, the ‘Enemy Gallery’ page increases the educational level of the game. Compiled information regarding the drugs has been specially designed as a source of knowledge for people who are curious about drugs but are unaware of where to begin.

The 2 images below show brief contents of the different common drugs such as Heroin and Cannabis:

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

First off, Aversion is a game offering 40 levels embedded within 5 different stages. The level of difficulty increases, with the concept drawn from the difficulty people face from pulling away from drugs as they slowly get hooked onto it. The player begins with 5 red heart shaped life that perishes whenever players are unable to avoid the drugs in the game. In addition, when players come into contact with the drugs, different effects arise to symbolize the side effects that happen to a person when he/she abuses the drug in real life.

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

This game is realistic with the player taking the character of ‘The Eye’ which enhances the experience by showing probable effects that occurs upon contact. Some examples include anxiety, where people see double or multiple images when they are on drugs. In the game, when the player is confused, another effect is developed. Experience the effects first hand by playing the game!

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

From personal experience, Aversion has helped me as an individual to know of how I can better advise people in future should they need knowledge on drugs. Aversion is a good platform which merges both education and fun together for their players to subconsciously take in information!

Aversion offers better knowledge on the following drug characters:

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

The drug characters have been designed in a unique way that makes them easily differentiated from another. That allows us to easily associate the impacts we face in the game to the different drugs we have collided with! Such a brilliant idea!

Do not hesitate to download this game for free from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store! As easy as it may sound, it challenges your abilities to move tactically to escape from collision with the drugs. So hurry download it!

Drugs Kill. Life Does Not Rewind. - Alvinology

In addition, the catch is this… CNB is currently running a series of contests on their Facebook page in conjunction with the “Aversion” mobile game. Participants stand a chance to win S$50 CapitaMall Voucher for each contest. With a total of 12 contests for the game, each contest runs for a week, across 12 consecutive weeks.

What you need to do:

Have fun and all the best in winning the prizes!

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