UPDATED on 25 Nov 2014 – The Winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Wendy for her comment:

“I like to win this! My eczema girl has recently been on plant based diet in hope to heal her eczema and I have been looking at how best to wash the vegetables and fruits as consuming only organic food is too expensive for my family of 3 kids and 3 adults. I believe this product will aid in her recovery by giving her cleaner food and hence lesser toxin to her body. Not only her, the whole family will definitely benefit from this product! Thank you!”

So, you’re cutting back on meat and eating more fruits and vegetables in hopes of doing your part for the environment and becoming healthier. But did you know that much of our produce is contaminated with hazardous pesticides? Leafy veg, bell peppers and blueberries are some candidates which have made their way into the Environmental Working Group‘s Dirty Dozen list unveiled this year.

It isn’t quite possible to always buy organic produce. Cost aside, it simply isn’t always available. So, I was very happy when Hyflux approached us to review their DEW Fruit and Vegetable Washer D818.

This ingenious contraption has changed the way I wash my fruit and veg!

What it is and its benefits:

A 4L capacity basin-like device which washes fruit and veg using ozone technology.

The washer can destroy up to 99% of the microorganisms found on produce; has more than 99% antimicrobial effectiveness and been tested by TUV SUD. You just need tap water and electricity. No chemicals are required and no residue is left behind on the produce that you wash.

Fruit and veg emerge from their jacuzzi squeaky clean and will store for longer too!

How it works:

Ozone is a strong oxidising agent which kills microorganisms by breaking down their cell wall. It’s widely used to disinfect food and to sterilise surfaces.

A small bag containing charcoal is placed inside a cavity on top of the lid to absorb the smell of ozone.

How to use:

1. Before using the washer for the first time, fill it up with tap water to the 4L mark (that’s the maximum capacity) and press the switch twice. The indicator light will turn red and the washer will run for 15 minutes. Pour away all of the water when it’s done.

2. To wash fruit/veg, just put them inside the washer and fill it up with just enough water. Do not exceed the 4L mark. Do not wet the electrical circuits.

3. Plug your device in. There are two modes: 1) To wash fruits, run the 10-minute cycle by pressing the switch once. 2) To wash leafy veg, run the 15-minute cycle by pressing the switch twice. The device will stop once the cycle ends. Disconnect the device.

4. Rinse the fruit/veg once more before consuming/cooking. Air-dry the Dew Washer before storing.

At first I did think that the Dew Fruit & Vegetable Washer was a tad bulky for my teeny tiny kitchen but I have decided that I cannot do without it after one use. I especially like how clean my leafy veg get after a bath in this mini-jacuzzi. You know how annoying it is to have to wash leafy veg like spinach and xiao bai cai multiple times to get rid of all the sand particles and the soapy residue on the inside of the stems? With this washer, the veg is ready for my wok or salad bowl with just one bath and one rinse. I save water and I spare the nutrients from being scrubbed out from my veg. Best of all – NO MORE PESTICIDES!!!

This piece of brilliance is available for only $319 from the HyfluxShop at 80 Bendemeer Road, Takashimaya, three OG Outlets and 13 Self-Fix DIY outlets island-wide.  It is available via their website too.

Good news, I am giving out a set of Hyflux DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer! To win, simply leave a comment on this blog post saying why you would like to win one. Remember to fill in your contactable email when commenting so I am able to contact you if you win (the email will not be viewable by the public). Comment must be submitted before the end of November 2014.