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[Giveaway] Hyflux DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer D818 is the new jacuzzi for fruit & vegetable

[Giveaway] Hyflux DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer D818 is the new jacuzzi for fruit & vegetable

UPDATED on 25 Nov 2014 – The Winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Wendy for her comment:

“I like to win this! My eczema girl has recently been on plant based diet in hope to heal her eczema and I have been looking at how best to wash the vegetables and fruits as consuming only organic food is too expensive for my family of 3 kids and 3 adults. I believe this product will aid in her recovery by giving her cleaner food and hence lesser toxin to her body. Not only her, the whole family will definitely benefit from this product! Thank you!”

So, you’re cutting back on meat and eating more fruits and vegetables in hopes of doing your part for the environment and becoming healthier. But did you know that much of our produce is contaminated with hazardous pesticides? Leafy veg, bell peppers and blueberries are some candidates which have made their way into the Environmental Working Group‘s Dirty Dozen list unveiled this year.

It isn’t quite possible to always buy organic produce. Cost aside, it simply isn’t always available. So, I was very happy when Hyflux approached us to review their DEW Fruit and Vegetable Washer D818.

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This ingenious contraption has changed the way I wash my fruit and veg!

What it is and its benefits:

A 4L capacity basin-like device which washes fruit and veg using ozone technology.

The washer can destroy up to 99% of the microorganisms found on produce; has more than 99% antimicrobial effectiveness and been tested by TUV SUD. You just need tap water and electricity. No chemicals are required and no residue is left behind on the produce that you wash.

Fruit and veg emerge from their jacuzzi squeaky clean and will store for longer too!

How it works:

Ozone is a strong oxidising agent which kills microorganisms by breaking down their cell wall. It’s widely used to disinfect food and to sterilise surfaces.

A small bag containing charcoal is placed inside a cavity on top of the lid to absorb the smell of ozone.

How to use:

1. Before using the washer for the first time, fill it up with tap water to the 4L mark (that’s the maximum capacity) and press the switch twice. The indicator light will turn red and the washer will run for 15 minutes. Pour away all of the water when it’s done.

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2. To wash fruit/veg, just put them inside the washer and fill it up with just enough water. Do not exceed the 4L mark. Do not wet the electrical circuits.

3. Plug your device in. There are two modes: 1) To wash fruits, run the 10-minute cycle by pressing the switch once. 2) To wash leafy veg, run the 15-minute cycle by pressing the switch twice. The device will stop once the cycle ends. Disconnect the device.

4. Rinse the fruit/veg once more before consuming/cooking. Air-dry the Dew Washer before storing.

At first I did think that the Dew Fruit & Vegetable Washer was a tad bulky for my teeny tiny kitchen but I have decided that I cannot do without it after one use. I especially like how clean my leafy veg get after a bath in this mini-jacuzzi. You know how annoying it is to have to wash leafy veg like spinach and xiao bai cai multiple times to get rid of all the sand particles and the soapy residue on the inside of the stems? With this washer, the veg is ready for my wok or salad bowl with just one bath and one rinse. I save water and I spare the nutrients from being scrubbed out from my veg. Best of all – NO MORE PESTICIDES!!!

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This piece of brilliance is available for only $319 from the HyfluxShop at 80 Bendemeer Road, Takashimaya, three OG Outlets and 13 Self-Fix DIY outlets island-wide.  It is available via their website too.

Good news, I am giving out a set of Hyflux DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer! To win, simply leave a comment on this blog post saying why you would like to win one. Remember to fill in your contactable email when commenting so I am able to contact you if you win (the email will not be viewable by the public). Comment must be submitted before the end of November 2014. 

About The Author

Rachel Chan

Rachel has nearly a decade of experience as a print journalist for my paper (English) and Straits Times Life! and has also worked as a news producer for Mediacorp Channel 8.


  1. Grace Tan

    I want to win this so I don’t have to painstakingly slice off lemon skin before I can add lemon slices to my water (I slice the skin off to get rid of any pesticides) – it leaves my fingers smelling of lemon. (@[email protected]) *Adding lemon juice to water is great as it becomes alkaline after entering our body, which is great for overall health – one of the benefits is reduced bloating! 😀

  2. Fiona

    I would love to win this gift as I wish to give my 1yr old boy the cleanest and freshest food available!

  3. Dan Koh

    This looks really great, Rachel! My wife and I would love to win a Hyflux DEW Washer, since we are starting a family and the importance of health and overall well-being has never been more important to us than now! It really helps as we are more focused on the safety of the produce we (and our babies) consume, especially since the use of pesticides is so pervasive in our society.

    Thanks for introducing us to great devices such as this! They are really helpful! 🙂

  4. Jane

    This is a great device! Have been finding ways to rid the pesticide on our veggies and fruits for the importance of our health, therefore tried some brand’s drops to rid the pesticide, but after all they are chemicals too. This device will be great to have without us using the any chemical as we often eat veggies and fruit! Its so natural and fantastic for our family and babies!

  5. Theresa tay

    I wanr to win this so that my family can have cleaner veggie n fruits for consumption! It’s an amazing technology by hyflux

  6. rachelbearie

    I want to win this so that I can have clean and healthy produce anytime for my loved ones! furthermore, it will look uber cool on my kitchen counter top! :p

  7. Geeky Elephant

    Great post. This looks like an awesome addition for any kitchen. I wouldn’t mind winning it for my family to use and to make washing fruits & veges easier for my grandma. Plus it’d be a great incentive to eat more fruits & veges 🙂

  8. Alfred Tay

    Would like to win so that I can provide clean and fresh fruits & Veggies for my whole family! We cook a lot and this would really help!

  9. Ai Sakura

    Would love to have this to clean fruits and vegs better, and easier! The hubby will be so pleased since he loves to have salads so often haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  10. Shy Chua

    I had been juicing regularly and would love to use organic as much as possible to avoid pesticide BUT the organic fruits and veggies are very expensive ;-(
    I usually peel the fruits and use vegetable wash for the veggies.
    It would be awesome if i will win this hyflux washer as i can maximize my time by avoiding the “peeling” of fruits and will save me $$ in buying ordinary fruits instead of organic products. I will definitely be using this everyday. Now, i can give my kids juice free from pesticide with minimal cost;-))

  11. Christine

    With three young children, I would like to provide them with the best pesticide-free food possible, so they do not fall sick easily. I have been searching for the best alternative to organic food, but I’m still not convinced that it can do the job properly.after reading your review, I believe I have found one!

  12. Wendy

    I like to win this! My eczema girl has recently been on plant based diet in hope to heal her eczema and I have been looking at how best to wash the vegetables and fruits as consuming only organic food is too expensive for my family of 3 kids and 3 adults. I believe this product will aid in her recovery by giving her cleaner food and hence lesser toxin to her body. Not only her, the whole family will definitely benefit from this product! Thank you!

  13. Ranice Wu

    Would like to win one as my 2 boys love fruits and vegetables alot.
    And being a busy SAHM,this will help me shorten the time I spend in the kitchen washing the fruits and vegetables clean.:)

  14. Agnes Han

    Hi ALVIN, I want to win this simply becos I want the best for my 3 kiddos. I have never really won anything in my life so if I can get, I will be in cloud nine. 🙂

  15. Xgg Chan

    I love leafy veggies like spinach and Chinese kale but I’m a lazy vegetable washer. Hate washing leaf by leaf and I also feel bad about wasting water. Winning this would be a godsend!

  16. Chan Choong Cheng

    We are into healthuly lifestyle lately and have been using our slow juicer to juice vegetables and fruits. Owning this product will ensure that nothing else such as pesticides go into our drinks.

  17. Maggie Ng

    I would LOVE to win the Hyflux DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer simply because I want to give the BEST to my family. Who wouldn’t?

  18. Shirley Gong

    I have being waiting for such product to come by for very long time. If Hyflux Dew Fruit and Vegetable Washer is confident to clean our food well then I would want to believe that it will help human to be able to put pecticides free food into our body system.

  19. Vincent Lee Wee Ping

    wow this look like the device i need to get for our new home. With this My wife and me can eat healthy and improve our health. No more unhealthy food, we can eat clean and safe fruits and beg everyday with this. This is the perfect item to kickstart our new life and healthy lifestyle

  20. Robert Sim

    Would love to win these I have three very young kids at home, and I would like to ensure that they enjoy pesticide-free vegetables and fruits as part of a healthy diet, as much as possible.

  21. Carol Lim

    I love to make my own concoctions of healthy ‘spa water’ with various fruits and vegetable infusions. However, it is such a chore to wash them well to remove the pesticides. Winning this new Hyflux invention will make preparations so much easier!

  22. anna

    I wish I could win this Hyflux DEW washer to make the lives of my parents easier! My daddy loves fruits, and he washes and cut them for us everyday! With this Hyflux washer, it will save him lots of trouble ensuring the fruits are squeaky clean before he feeds us! As for my mummy, this Hyflux washer will ensure that the vegetables she’s going to cook for the whole family is rid of nasty pesticides! Convenient for her, and healthier living for the whole family! So I hope I can win this Hyflux washer for my family! 🙂

  23. M Lim

    Love to win this so that I can make my cooking truly healthy for my family – starting with the way our vege and fruits are washed!

  24. Teo Yee Long

    Glad to know that this washer can remove pesticide! Love to have it for healthier veggies and fruits

  25. John Teo

    Wanna wash clean the fruits and veggies we eat every time!

  26. Joeanne Shim

    It’s so good to know that the fruits and vegetables we eat are clean and free of pesticide, using this Hyflux Dew Washer

  27. Mei S L

    Would love to win this for my mum so that she doesn’t need to spend such a long time washing veg and fruits which make her hands all so dry n wrinkly.

  28. Alan Tan

    This washer is a great way for washing fruits and vegetables for the busy modern man. What’s more important than our health?

  29. Stacey Chua

    I love to win this awesome appliance to lead my family in leading a healthy and organic free lifestyle!

  30. Chee Wei

    Hope to score a Hyflux washer towards a healthier lifestyle for the family. Thanks.

  31. Teo Han Choo

    time to eat healthier and cleaner fruits and vegetables with this wonderful product!

  32. Jason

    To enjoy pesticide free fruits and vegetables,otherwise i be eating cabbage all day long.

  33. Yu Meiyi

    I love to eat kang kong and this piece of niffy kitchen device will help me to wash all the sand particles away. I hate it when I bite into a piece of sand after washing the kang kong for at least 3 times! Plus this device washes pesticide off my fruits and vegetables, and this means having a peace of mind when feeding these food to my infant.

  34. Jaime Chan

    As parents, we want to give the best for our kids. And to be able to serve pesticide free fruits and vegetables would be one way to ensure my kids get to eat to eat clean and healthy food. The gadget seems so nifty and easy that i am sure my 60 year old mum will be able to use the gadget as well.
    [email protected]

  35. Daniel

    My favourite vegetable is kang kong but it usually has a sandy texture to it. With the Hyflux DEW Fruit & Vegetable Washer, I can finally enjoy clean and fresh fruits & vegetables.

  36. Paul

    I shudder to think about all the water that I have unnecessarily wasted in the preparation of leafy greens. Cleaning them under a running tap always uses up too much water because all the soapy residue seems to collect in the darndest corners. Scrubbing them in a container never seemed to the best solution either because all the chemicals would be in the pool of water, won’t they? I think this is a really great – not to mention cool – addition to the kitchen. I am looking forward to be impressed by how this appliance works!

  37. Esther

    Oh man, this looks awesome, especially since I cook almost daily and vege and fruits are always on the menu. Pricey tho. Here’s hoping I get a unit haha!

  38. jazry

    As a busy working mother of 2 kids, the daily rush to prepare their snacks, meals has been aad scramble. Sometimes, im so drained by it. I hope by winning this, I could spend the time on doing other household chores instead of spending the time, washing the fruits and vegetables.
    Multitasking has been a huge part of my life and any automation or help like this hyflux DEW washer would be simply a godsent!

  39. shawn toh

    Like to win this to help my mum in washing the vegetables so that she can do other household chores while waiting for the vegetables to be washed. Otherwise, she would be nagging me to do the chores. Please help, lol.

  40. crystal tan

    I hope to win this so that I can enjoy pesticide free vegetables and fruits in future.

    Crystal Tan


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