Can someone please CSI and identify this foreign worker? - Alvinology

Can someone please CSI and identify this foreign worker?

The identities of this foreign worker and his colleague have been revealed. Read the update here.

Watch these two videos and witness the heroic act of this foreign worker:

This man saved a baby’s life. I do not know who he is or what his name is, but I feel that he deserves a medal or at least some publicity for his heroic act.

The videos were sent to me by a friend who was at the scene.

The incident happened on 23 April at around 1pm at Block 371, Jurong East Ave 1 at a block of new one-room flats. By the time my friend arrived, the baby was already stuck in between the rails of the parapet (edit to add: this is not the parapet of a corridor but an open bedroom window) and bawling for help. According to him, an aunty was first to see the baby on the ledge and shouted and screamed for help. Two men tried to heave themselves up on the ledge to save the baby, but failed as they were not strong enough.

Someone went upstairs to knock on the door but no-one responded.

This commotion went on until the hero in the video appeared and saved the day. He was one of three foreign workers working on road repairs nearby when he responded to the shouts.

Not for glory, not for pride, but he just did what was right.

After ninja-ing himself up on the ledge, he first hoisted the toddler halfway through the rails so that it could at least breathe and turn its head. One of his colleagues assisted him on the second floor.

Yet we have assholes like this Daryl Lim Jun Liang and his friends who go around beating up foreign workers to practice their martial arts skills.

Don’t “Bangla here, Bangla there”, the right terms to address them are Bangladeshi if they are from Bangladesh. Singapore is built with the blood and sweat of these foreign workers who contributed silently to our progress. Not surprisingly, no-one got the name of our hero.

Mr. Unnamed Foreign Worker – I salute you, just like the unnamed hero who helped mediate during the 2013 Little India Riot:

Can someone please CSI and identify this foreign worker? - Alvinology

We did not manage to identify the hero from the Little India Riot even until today. Let’s not let this happen again. Can someone please identify this latest hero and give him the due recognition already!

Here’s a screen grab from the video which another friend did. It gives a clearer view of the hero’s face for identification:

Can someone please CSI and identify this foreign worker? - Alvinology

P.S. The SCDF arrived five minutes later and apparently managed to free the child.

Note: To use the two videos in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]


  1. I agree they helped in the shaping of Singapore..the city we lived..without them who is goin to do this kinda job.They do have to be respected.
    Maybe fr the address given one cn actually know the contractor dealing with the construction works there fr the town council..he saved a life while we dunno where is tge caretaker in the picture.

  2. FYI: He is speaking in Tamil so he is not a Bangladeshi. He is an Indian. Well done, hero! And yes, there are many such humane unsung heroes amongst us here in Singapore n we shd accord some respect for helping us shape Singapore into what she is today. God bless this man n his family too for selflessly saving that poor baby.


    1. One of the parents (father) is on work and then the baby’s mother went for a five minute walk with her second child to school, The baby was asleep tho. the baby woke up with her iPad and went to the kithion, opened the door and her ipad dropped off the raillings then that was the scene where she fell

      1. why does a baby got a iPAD? not sure what more disturbing leaving a baby alone and somewhere there it can just go on a balcony or exposing it to an iPad already. both at this age is very harmful for a kid

        1. You know people these days..They give iPad to make their baby to shut up.Every parents should stop these type of behavior.One day i saw a kid like 4-5 yrs old already have his own mobile phone.And i was like….what happen to all this kid.

  4. correction – The foreign have another one of his friend climb to assist him to get the baby from inside the kitchen service yard. The SCDF came later to help them down only. I was there and said well done to him before the police round him for statement.

  5. Respect, by the way why there is no one at home infants loves to venture anything regardless how dangerous it is we all have to learn a Lesson from this video May Allah bless this child

  6. Thumbs up for the heroes!
    And this also show some flaws in the HDB design. If the toddler is a bit smaller, he would have fallen out. HDB please do some proper modification to those blocks. Life is far more important than $$$.

  7. he is a hero. A true hero I must agree.but on the side note. if our new flats are all so easily be climb up it means our valuable and stuff in the household is at risk. robber and housebreak case gonna go up soon.

  8. Indeed is good to build the bar there it save a life too.
    But if do not have the guys to help the toddler oso will die because unable to breathe

  9. I think it’s not a problem to find our details of this hero. Just go to the relevant department that was conducting the road work and tell them your purpose. I agree that this guys should be given some public recognition and award for his bravery and kind work.

  10. Indeed a man who should receive a pat on his back for job well done. But let’s stop this stereotyping. Just refer to him as the hero, the man, the worker. Drop the tag of “foreign” from the article title.

  11. surely he is from tamilnadu. he speaks in tamil during that time. just keenly observe. he says like” saathadha, saathadha”. Its a tamil word. that means “don’t close”.

  12. Hw to get hold of d worker? Simply contact LTA to find out d contractors details which was doing d roadwork nearby n u can get in touch wth tat foreign worker.cos Lta have to issue job permit for d jod they r do.

  13. Im pretty sure those parents won’t have that kid very much longer (if they even still do) that is one of the worst sights I’ve seen. What the fuck is wrong with them.

    1. We are there to catch him if he fall. You cant see the crowd from the video. Wish you were there.
      Baby neck is stuck between clothes hanging bar and parapet wall. No time for harness.
      Well done baiya!

  14. All I could say is THANK YOU LORD for saving this child. Yes ! we must learn to appreciate these foreign workers. I would like to emphasise this again; without them we will not have a home to stay. Do you think Singaporeans like to do construction work. Definately NOT!!! Yes, people like Daryl Lim thinks he owns Singapore and he thinks he has every right to do anything he wants . Thank God you are not my Son. Upbringing of a child is so important in a parent’s life. Thank you for saving this child dear brother!!! Truly appreciate it. Lord ; please bless this savior you sent for this child. I am very keen to know where is the mother of this child. Let this be a lesson to those who like to leave their child alone at home.

    1. what the hell man? This isn’t preaching corner. Go celebrate your lord in church. We are celebrating this hero’s heroic acts over here.

  15. Why can take video but can’t get the guy’s contact details??? Forget about rewarding him but atleast was he thanked in the 1st place?

  16. Those ppl who rage about parent maybe u dont realize ppl do make mistake.. u might not know what is the mistake as parent we human too.. maybe the parent sleeping.. that is child like 1-2 yrs old.. even u say something easy there wont understand.. srsly just pray for the child safety.. I blame the design of the block many of those no window.. we have to make 1..

  17. The foreign worker named Shammugun, who has been hailed a hero after he climbed to the second floor of a Housing Board block at Jurong East Street 32 to save a toddler whose head was stuck between the rails of an external clothes drying rack outside the service yard. — PHOTO: JONA PANG

    (Strait times )
    SINGAPORE – The foreign worker whose heroic act saved a three-year-old girl’s life has been identified as ‘Shammugun’. From Tamilnadu

  18. Thank to FT hero to save the baby. My next worry is security of the that house. If FT can climb up to save the baby….impossible the house breaking to enter the unit.

    1. Its not as easy as you think seeing them climb from the video. Any other day, sure attract unwanted attention. So give credit when its due. Part of the risk deciding to making that climb is people may have negative comment. But save the baby 1st.
      They work outdoors and are fit happens to be at the right place at the right time for the baby.

    2. Its a 1 room rental for low income…don’t think they are targets of housebreaking 🙂

  19. There is 2 indian male climb up to save the baby. The other one climb later from another angle, (the right side of the video, not capture in viddo). This 2nd guy pull up the baby from inside the kitchen service yard and hold on to the baby. Later this 2nd guy pass the baby to the ‘hero’. And all 3 stand on the ledge till SCDF came with ladder to bring them down safely.
    The crowd is worried if the baby strangled by her own weight.The crowd was relief the moment the 2 indian worker climb and reach to the baby.
    I guess the indian worker is quite cautious that they are in somebody home thus decide to wait at the ledge. All 3 of them.
    If u watch the vid, i am that background voice giving moral support.
    In the vid there is this Another guy tried to climb from the same ‘hero’ route but not sure of the technic. Very fortunate the workers are fit and able to climb.
    They are hero yet humble , thinking if it was okay to step into other people flat. Worth the risk.
    Well done “baiya!”

  20. There’s a construction going on infront blk 374 Jurong East Street 32. There’s some foreign worker there. Maybe he might be from there as lunch time after food, they will lodger around to rest.

  21. The foreign worker might be from Blk 374. Infront the blk theres a construction work going on.During lunch time the workers after food will hang around there to rest.

  22. This is so scary. Lucky they only lived on the 2nd floor. What if they lived on a much higher level?

  23. The two gentlemen were well done but the parent(s) or guardian who taking care the toddler at that moment got to be punished by law for negligence.

  24. Great job done brother Shanmugan… Humanity need people like you who are willing to use their skill when there is a need… without looking for credits…. God Bless you with 100 years of healthy life and great will to help others in need…

  25. சிங்கத்தமிழர்கள்
    உங்கள் வீரச்செயலுக்கு
    நீங்கள் எங்கிருந்தாலும்
    எல்லா வளமும் பெற்று நீடூழி வாழ்க!

  26. I wish Singaporeans would stop referring to all South Asians as Bangla. It is not done in endearment, it seems to be an insult, and its prevalent among the youth & kids in Singapore schools. I am a Singaporean Indian & never encountered interracial slurring in school; but my 3 sons have. The one used most is Bangla… Although I have told them to toughen up & put it down to the user’s ignorance, it hurts to be discriminated against in your own country just for the colour of one’s skin. Hope Singaporeans of all races can unite despite our differences & celebrate our unique diversity instead.

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