The identities of this foreign worker and his colleague have been revealed. Read the update here.

Watch these two videos and witness the heroic act of this foreign worker:

This man saved a baby’s life. I do not know who he is or what his name is, but I feel that he deserves a medal or at least some publicity for his heroic act.

The videos were sent to me by a friend who was at the scene.

The incident happened on 23 April at around 1pm at Block 371, Jurong East Ave 1 at a block of new one-room flats. By the time my friend arrived, the baby was already stuck in between the rails of the parapet (edit to add: this is not the parapet of a corridor but an open bedroom window) and bawling for help. According to him, an aunty was first to see the baby on the ledge and shouted and screamed for help. Two men tried to heave themselves up on the ledge to save the baby, but failed as they were not strong enough.

Someone went upstairs to knock on the door but no-one responded.

This commotion went on until the hero in the video appeared and saved the day. He was one of three foreign workers working on road repairs nearby when he responded to the shouts.

Not for glory, not for pride, but he just did what was right.

After ninja-ing himself up on the ledge, he first hoisted the toddler halfway through the rails so that it could at least breathe and turn its head. One of his colleagues assisted him on the second floor.

Yet we have assholes like this Daryl Lim Jun Liang and his friends who go around beating up foreign workers to practice their martial arts skills.

Don’t “Bangla here, Bangla there”, the right terms to address them are Bangladeshi if they are from Bangladesh. Singapore is built with the blood and sweat of these foreign workers who contributed silently to our progress. Not surprisingly, no-one got the name of our hero.

Mr. Unnamed Foreign Worker – I salute you, just like the unnamed hero who helped mediate during the 2013 Little India Riot:

We did not manage to identify the hero from the Little India Riot even until today. Let’s not let this happen again. Can someone please identify this latest hero and give him the due recognition already!

Here’s a screen grab from the video which another friend did. It gives a clearer view of the hero’s face for identification:

P.S. The SCDF arrived five minutes later and apparently managed to free the child.

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