Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club

I needed a massage badly. All the burdens of modern society – I could feel them on my shoulders, weighing upon me like a boulder.

Truth be told, I would usually only go for spa escapades in neighbouring shores like Johor Bahru or Thailand, only because of their so-kind-to-wallet price tags. I had to admit, like any true blue Singaporean, I only opt for the budget-er options. The only spa package I had signed here was that of a boutique which was just steps away from my old work place. Even so, I only committed a mini package.

Face it. For a $60 per hour session, I could get the same at half the price elsewhere. Then again, how often could I return to get my massage fix, knowing that each time I would need to incur travel costs as well?

Recently while surfing Facebook, Healing Touch Spa caught my eye. Apparently, it has wide recommendations on social media. Boasting 45,000+ like on its Facebook page, I noticed a handful of friends who are its fans too! I would be lying if I said that I was not the least bit curious. In my mind, I was thinking: There are probably a million spas around, so what makes this one special?

To my surprise, its founder and CEO, Mr Joshua Lung is actually willing to take me and a partner on for a free session. So, last weekend, Pear and I headed down to their newest branch at Orchid Country Club. (Read on to find out an exclusive promotion only for our readers – YOU!)

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
The spa’s reception counter was elegantly lit with warm faces keen to serve
Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
The Singapore Orchid Country Club entrance

The new branch at Orchid Country Club is located just beside the swimming pool area. The entire boutique may not be very big but it exudes a warm and cosy ambience – essentials for a relaxing unwind.

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
Cosy lounge area that looks zen enough to have an after-session cuppa
Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
The exterior looks just as inviting

We were greeted by Mel, whose friendly demeanour added assurance. She took some time to explain the various packages that are available. There are massage, slimming, and facial packages that cater for a top to toe pampering session. We were entitled to a one hour spa massage and a half hour body scrub each.

I was pleasantly surprised to be able to choose from an assortment of scrubs. I did not remember being so spoilt for choices while I was at other spas! These are newly launched organic scrubs that are more expensive and harder to find elsewhere. Lemongrass, rose, and ginger are for those who have less sensitive skin and do not mind a “heavier” spread. Apple Aloe Vera and Mango Papaya are more moisturising and hence more suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
What’s your flavour?
Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
I chose Apple Aloe Vera for its mild sweet scent and I loved it!

As we proceeded to our individual rooms, I couldn’t help but notice the neat corridor with its modern decor – immediately pleasing to the eyes.

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
Simple and classy walk-through

I especially like how minimalism works so well for its interior. Nothing jarringly fanciful or psychedelic to send dizzying spells down your spine. What we have here is wooden charm with a modern touch.

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
Here is where ooh-ooh-ahh thrives!
Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
Towels are placed in an exquisite manner

My session started with a half-hour body scrub, something that I have rarely tried. My therapist for the day was Sally and she was a Thai who spoke to me in Mandarin. Throughout the session, she was very meticulous in asking me from time to time whether I felt any pain, or if the strength was just right for me.

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
Pampered “baby” I am

I had Asian Fusion Oil massage after that. And I had to say it was one of the best spa sessions I ever had. Every stroke the therapist made sent me into momentary bouts of divine ecstasy. It was as if for that moment, all the cares in the world were kneaded away.

I had to say, my skin felt baby-smooth after the session, probably due to the Apple Aloe Vera scrub I had. Not only that, I felt revitalised and invigorated, and definitely ready to face life’s challenges!

Well, that would be a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly speaking, I loved everything about this quaint spa boutique. I like especially how ‘hard-selling’ is not a mantra here. The folks at Healing Touch is all out for customer experience. I saw this Caucasian woman conversing with the receptionists as though they were long time friends! Spas are supposed to be warm and welcoming, aren’t they?

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology
Pear and I with Mel (left), the boutique’s supervisor

And before I end this post, here is a little interview session with the master behind this well-raved spa on social media – CEO and founder of Healing Touch Spa, Mr Joshua Lung.

Healing Touch Spa review at Orchid Country Club - Alvinology

1) Is there a significance behind the name “Healing Touch”?

The term ​”Healing Touch” is an express​ive term that describes “caring, loving touch that heals”.  To me, it reminds me of the healing touch of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
2) Describe a typical experience at your spa.
​Regardless whether customers visit us for massage, facial or slimming therapy, we want customers to feel welcomed and treated with care. We want them to feel relaxed, satisfied with both their experience and result that they expect. We don’t want them to feel pressured into buying or doing anything from us. ​We want them to feel what they paid for is good value for money. Almost all the time, I think this is the experience they will receive.

3) What sets Healing Touch apart from other spas in Singapore?

​1. Consistent, high skill standard​ from a team of close to 80 body and beauty therapists.
2. No hard selling of packages and products. No selling during therapy.
3. Always customer-centric in dealing with complaints, although not often.
4. Friendly warm customer service staff.
5. Nice ambience and cosy settings.
6. Great value for money. We keep adding value to customer experience. Eg. recently we renovated all our outlets without increasing prices.
4) For a first-time customer, which service would you recommend to be a must-try?
​Either our Asian fusion massage or deep tissue massage. Both are oil massages. There is a one time promotional offer of $46 (+ GST) for 1st hour.​
5) Are there any future plans to roll out more services aside from the current ones?
​We will be launching our brand of organic treatment skincare products in 2nd quarter this year​.
6) Lifestyle and luxury. Can these two be combined, in your opinion?
Yes, certainly. You can travel on luxury, fly first class, stay in 5 star hotels, drive around in branded cars. However, luxury obviously comes with a higher price tag. I personally don’t always go for luxury. I prefer good value for money.
Alvinology readers are entitled to a 1-hr body massage (worth $55) and an organic body scrub (worth $35) for a special price of $80 + GST.


Online bookings are to be made on Healing Touch Spa’s web site at http://www.healingtouchspa.com/ and in the additional information box, enter codeword: Alvinology. After your appointment is confirmed, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. You need to print that email and bring it along for your appointment.
Note: To be eligible for this promotion, you need to be either Singapore PR or citizen, aged 21 and above. Please present your NRIC upon arrival for registration. Each person is only entitled to this promotion only once.
Promotion ends on 28 February 2015.
Healing Touch Spa is available at 6 locations islandwide. For more information, visit http://www.healingtouchspa.com/locations/ 
  1. Bapok Thomas Didymuz Toh says that the front desk person at Rapee is very understanding and will let you change therapist, this is her experience which she share on BlowingWind Forum:

    in bkk now and there is shortage of therapist now, as many boy go back hometown. My fave guys at Rapee also went back.

    was assigned another guy called Ron, who was supposedly from Chiang Mai.

    he is expert at massage, throughout the massage keep saying my skin is very soft and nice to massage. His touches to my bare skin was quite nice as I felt his fingers inserted into my hole occasionally.

    when I turn over, he was prepared for action already, his shorts were off, revealing his wet hard rod. Tasted some of his salty precum in my mouth, he proceeded to pump hard into my hole after which. Ended with him shooting his cream into my mouth.
    tasted a bit like the Thai fish sauce, salty with a fishy aroma! 

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