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Good to the Core- Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest

The rain and muddy field did little to deter Ben & Jerry’s fans who came out in throngs yesterday to participate in the seventh Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest. Our devotion was well-rewarded for we were treated to Ben & Jerry’s new Core line of ice cream!

They taste even better than they look

The real hardcore fans, though, were the ones who took part in the Vermonster Challenge, wolfing down 20 scoops of ice cream and toppings in record time! They were so quick that it was difficult for me to take a photo of them in action

Food and games aside, Ben & Jerry’s also lined up local change makers to form the first ever Ben & Jerry’s Social Enterprise Marketplace where we got to try specialty coffee, admire charming jewellery and even got to have our nails done for a good cause. Ben & Jerry’s also got our local social innovation heroes to share their experience and give invaluable tips on running social enterprises that do good and do well.

L-to-R: Jeremy, the moderator from Ashoka, Richardo of Adrenalin Group, Terence of Project Happy Feet and Kenneth from The Yellow Ribbon Project at one of the sharing sessions. 

While the food was great (seriously, how can you go wrong with Ben & Jerry’s?), I personally found the sharing sessions by the social innovators and change makers the best part of the event. Listening to their stories was not just inspiring but also very humbling. It’s heartening to know that brands like Ben & Jerry’s is encouraging the social enterprise movement through activities such as their Join Our Core competition.

If you want to use business to create a positive change in Singapore, do check out the competition (it closes pretty soon)! For all we know, you might be a speaker at the next ChunkFest, sharing your experience with aspiring changemakers.

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