I got lost in Luang Prabang.

It was six in the morning on my third day there. The skies were bright and cheery, even at this hour. We had just finished participating in the alms giving procession.

Woke up at 4.30am in the morning just to catch the monks in the alms-giving procession, a daily event – rain or shine


I was eager to see the rest of Luang Prabang before I bid goodbye. Then it happened. Watch my mini ‘lost’ episode here:



You know the thing about being lost in an entirely foreign land, and worse still, not being able to speak the language? Now replay that video and zoom into my lost and puzzled face. I felt a little like a kid lost in a shopping mall when I was in my childhood days. Just a little. (I need to remind myself that I’m all grown up right?) I did, however, keep my cool, thinking that I would at most take a cab back to the hotel or get a ride from one of the friendly locals there.

The thing was, I felt no threat caught in that situation. I looked around me and saw locals going about their daily routine, apparently oblivious to the outside world. I did not receive many stares as I walked. I guess they were used to us, tourists in this piece of heritage site. Who knows, they may even be proud to share their heritage with us, as I would have thought? Their smiles showed it all.

An elderly woman feeding leftovers to stray dogs


Relief! Regrouped with the rest after about 45 minutes


The day market was abuzz with activities even at 6 a.m. There was an array of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dry food, and even an assortment of cloth and apparel.

Hawkers peddling fruits and other food items


Vegetables and other daily staples on sale


For now though, let’s turn back time a little here. So yes, where were we? You last “saw” me enjoying my bubble bath back in the Luang Prabang View Hotel. Did you not? Well, that’s a sight to behold, mind you. Don’t miss your chance here.

As I mentioned earlier, we were blessed with good weather in our three days spent there. While it did threaten to rain while we were on the Mekong River heading towards the Pak Ou caves on day 2, we were unfazed.


Making notes while cruising on the great Mekong



Rain was imminent


View from the top of the Pak Ou Caves


When we finally reached the Pak Ou Caves, we were greeted by Buddha statues of all sizes.


Statues, statues everywhere


My friend here trying to seek advice from the divine powers above


The real highlight of the day, though, was a visit to the Kuang Si Waterfall park. As a major nature lover, I was enamoured by what I saw. As far as I know, the only “waterfall” I could remember seeing in Singapore was that of the Merlion. Here though, I saw the real deal. Words will do little justice, so I shall let the photos do the talking.


Turquoise green water flowing


Splendour of nature in action



If you come to the waterfalls and you no do selfie, you are not doing the resplendent water justice #nofilter


If you come to the waterfalls as a group and no do a we-fie (group selfie), you are not doing your friends eager to showcase their cheeriness justice


I took the liberty to take a dip in the cooling water


OPTIONAL: My swimming experience in the Kuangsi ‘pool’. If you really must watch, please practise some viewer discretion. Oh, and there’s no need for full screen please.


So tell me, what’s not to love about Luang Prabang?

I had plenty to feast on – for both my eyes and mouth. From heavy local flavours to a heady mix of cultural practices and nature sights, I left the place feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Who knows? I may be back again for more. But for now, I am contented.

As I would quote from Robert Frost’s poem:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 


With the wonderful folks from the trip at JOMA cafe before departure


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Once again, this trip was made possible by  Tourism Authority of Thailand (Singapore)Cathay Pacific (CX) and Bangkok Airways (PG)You can travel to Laos and other countries in the Indochina region via Thailand. 

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