[SPONSORED VIDEO] GUINNESS Presents: Arthur Guinness Project 2014 - Alvinology

[SPONSORED VIDEO] GUINNESS Presents: Arthur Guinness Project 2014

Mother’s Day is just round the corner. Do you have something interesting planned?

How about contributing to an inclusive and meaningful project to help single mothers in Singapore?

All mothers should be celebrated, regardless of marital status. The greatest gift on earth is a mother’s love for her child. Something which no amount of money in the world can replace. Which is why this Mother’s Day, Guinness has collaborated with Cha Cha Cottage to raise S$100,000 for the women behind the scenes.

If you are unfamiliar with the name, Cha Cha Cottage is a home-grown Singapore social enterprise that offers a pillar of financial and moral support to single mothers who wish to rebuild their lives. From 11 May until the 21 June, the online community are invited to offer our pledge towards the cause via the Arthur Guinness Project’s Facebook Page. In doing so, Guinness will match every pledge of support with S$100.

To raise further awareness, a symbolic light-up event will be held on the 21 June with 1000 pledged candles to raise awareness for the group of marginalised women. If you are free on that day, do head down to show your support or take a look.

[SPONSORED VIDEO] GUINNESS Presents: Arthur Guinness Project 2014 - Alvinology

It’s our turn to give thanks to the female figures in our lives.

More about Cha Cha Cottage: 

The social enterprise was established to support single and needy mothers, with the focus to help them regain their independence while caring for their families at the same time. A simple objective to help these mothers lead normal lives and pick up their social footings.

Cha Cha Cottage trains its beneficiaries to make decorative scented candles, soaps, lotions, shampoos, shower gels, and even recycled bags and jewelry. The work enables single and needy mothers to earn a living while cultivating a tighter bond with their loved ones. In doing so, these single mothers cope better as the sole breadwinner of the family, with their new found self-esteem achieved through financial independence and moral support from Cha Cha Cottage.

How Guinness is helping: 

With each online pledge, Guinness Singapore will contribute S$100 to Cha Cha Cottage – allowing for a total contribution of up to S$100,000 with the support of the online community. Each grid of the virtual candle is representative of the 1,000 ‘Made of More’ candles that Cha Cha Cottage is crafting for a special light-up event in June, that celebrates the light and love mothers spread to their children and families.

“Encouraged by the philanthropic legacy of founder Arthur Guinness, we recognise and are inspired by social enterprises like Cha Cha Cottage that help marginalised women in Singapore earn a better living sustainably, and more significantly, gain self-respect and esteem. Through the Arthur Guinness Projects, we salute these women who have shown much dignity and great strength in the bold choices they made when faced with daily challenges. We are glad to have leveraged this platform to mobilise the community to raise awareness and support this cause.” said Shannen Fong, Head of Corporate Relations at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Even though there is less social stigma for single mothers in today’s modern society, raising a child or children on your own is never an easy task. A little help goes a long way, especially in the aspect of recognition.

Help share this video and pledge your support!

Head over to the Arthur Guinness Project’s Facebook Page to find out more!

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